Dec 15, 2010

Jolly Breakfast Ring

I wanted to do something different for Christmas morning. In years past I've done dessert crepes, but I'm a little tired of that. In a recent magazine I saw a "wreathe" made from canned cinnamon rolls that were placed in a circle on a cookie sheet to bake, coated with the white icing and then decorated with red and green icing "mistletoe." That had some potential, but the sugar levels were pretty high.

Then, it occurred to me to look in my vintage books and see what I could come up with. This is what I found (click on pics to enlarge).

The recipe had comparatively less sugar than the first one I found. It also had nuts. I love nuts. This is from a book for children, so it's nice and clear. I need that. I don't have a 9" ring mold or anything that resembles it. Any suggestions?

There was even a picture showing how to make it all happen. I like that each ball was rolled in the cinnamon mixture:

Finally, the Jolly Breakfast Ring in all its glory. Notice how, along with a bit less sugar, it's paired with the suggestion that you have a little protein with this meal. Yes, it has Bisquick, but I like how it's more balanced than the recipe I saw in the modern magazine.

I am now coveting those square plates . . .


Anonymous said...

Very festive looking! I might try making it oval shaped, as I have a deep sided oval casserole dish and a smaller one to nest in the center and build the wreath in between the two, you could try it with pyrex type bowls too.

Roxanne said...

That's a great idea! Would you adjust the temperature for the glass? If so, to what?

Amanda said...

Sounds like Monkey Bread. Do you have a Bundt pan or tube pan?

But no, you shouldn't have to adjust the temp for glass.

Packrat said...

Sounds good!

Unless the recipe specifically states to use a glass (Pyrex, Corning Ware, etc.) baking dish, usually it is important to lower the baking temperature 25 degrees. This is also true of dark colored pans. Glass and dark pans get hotter than shiny metal ones. (Sorry, my home ec training is showing.)

You don't have a Bundt pan or an angel food cake pan? If not, watch for them at thrift stores. I often see them. The other day, my friend and I each bought what seemed to be brand new spring form pans. The price? 50 cents each!

HappyMom said...

Another suggestion? Ask your sister...if you can borrow her bundt cake pan. Of course sharing a small sample of the finished product would be great!

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