Jan 22, 2011

Winter Driving--50s Style

Guess what our high will be tomorrow? No, go ahead . . . guess . . .


That got me thinking about winter in general. Though that really is pretty cold and we get a large amount of snow throughout the winter, we DEFINITELY have it easier than in the past. In this area, I'm GLAD to be "modern" and not "vintage"!

For example, my 1953 issue of Woman's Day had some helpful hints about dealing with snow and ice. First up--tire chains. May we just have a moment of silence in appreciation of 4WD and AWD. Amen

Stuck in a snowdrift? Rock that baby! Actually, this is probably still good advice.

And this. If you need more traction, let a little air out. Hmm. Also still a possibly useful idea.

Here's the old standby, still used when needed. In the article they also mention ashes (though that would be horribly messy!) and, my favorite: Carpet pieces! Keep a couple of old carpet pieces in a plastic bag in the trunk. If you can't get traction, nudge them up under the wheels and you're good to go! Just don't forget to retrieve them.

For those of you in the areas where it is currently 81 degrees today, well, enjoy it. I have fond memories of those days myself!


Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Thanks Lord for front wheel or 4 wheel drive and all season radials! Cute post.

Roxanne said...

Rocky Mountain--When we first moved Up North, we brought up our southern car and used it for one winter.

It died, and we scored a 4wd vehicle. We could NOT believe the difference. We kept testing it over and over: "See, no 4wd" (tires spinning away), then "Now, 4wd" (and we'd drive away like there was not a bit of snow.

It didn't take much to impress us back then LOL!

lexi @ pink and orange coffee said...

I want snow...

Roxanne said...

Lexi--Come and visit. We have plenty. We like to share.

weenie_elise said...

we do snow chains when we go up to the mountains in winter - only because there's so little snow that AWD aren't really necessary the rest of the time.

Plus, snow chains are excellent for getting your car out of a mud bog

Packrat said...

We enjoy the convenience of our all wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles, but one has to remember that if it is really slick or muddy or slushy there are all four wheels to slide and/or get one stuck. (When you are stuck in a 4-wheel-drive, you are *really* stuck. UGH) We keep tire chains in all of our cars/pickups all year around.

Roxanne said...

I've wondered about those chains. It probably woudn't be a bad idea to have a backup.

What did you think of the carpet scraps idea they had?

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