Jan 18, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 50 weeks to go

(As I posted HERE, I am going to "report in" on my resolution progress for the next 50 weeks. I had six areas (the seventh was doing this reporting) that I wanted to pay attention to this year. Posting about it keeps me accountable, which I find very helpful. I hope you don't mind!)

Area 1: Weight

As of this morning's weigh-in, I've lost seven pounds since starting on 1/3/11. Once the initial water bloat is gone, it slows down a bit.

Area 2: Family

Honoring preference requests. Something so easy, yet easily overlooked. Simple, yet potentially complicated. If someone makes a request about a preference, it is a quick but meaningful way to show love by honoring that request. It's an opportunity to show love. For example, my husband hates to go on a search-and-find for the cordless phone. So, I've made it a point to put it back on its cradle when I finish with it.

Here's the deal, though. It's inconvenient for me to do that. I'd rather have it on my desk which is more centralized than the receiver. But, as I tell my son all the time, people are more important than things and than convenience. (Heck, if it were all about convenience, we wouldn't ever have kids!) So, I keep the phone where I want it when my husband is gone. When he's on his way home, I make it a point to quickly put it on the receiver. Less than one minute to honor someone I love.

Worth it to me!

Area 3: Schedule

Still ironing out the bugs. Will be reporting when all varmints have been eradicated.

Area 4: Chassis maintenance

I actually got a mani-pedi last week because I knew I'd have to report in about it! It felt good to get those areas attended to. I've also continued to apply lotion after showers. This week's CM assignment is to maintain the mani-pedi, and to be faithful with the humidifiers in the whole house. My skin is desperate for some moisture!

Area 5: Debt

(Last week I said: I'm doing an evaluation during my paperwork time this week. Once I see the "lay of the land," I'll post my goals/accomplishments.) That did not come to pass. It has now become this week's goal.

Area 6: Vegetable garden

I've begun to study mulch. It's very exciting. No, really!

I bless you to accomplish your own resolutions!


K Quinn said...

Hey good for you! You're still on it. We looked at gardening stuff yesterday. Mulch huh? We have 4 raised beds and the rest is all container gardening. I'm looking into pest control right now. We get hit hard!

Anonymous said...

You are doing terrific! I especially like the preference request portion. How often I could do something to please my husband that isn't a "must do or the world comes undone thing" but just a little something he would like because he likes something a certain way. Thanks for the idea.

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