Mar 11, 2011

Zero Waste--Could I do it? Could you?

This was featured on the Yahoo page recently. The family in this video have a wonderful website, too: The Zero Waste Home.

I am a big fan of decluttering. I believe in its resulting ability to have MORE freedom to do the things that are really important. After watching this video, however, I looked around and was appalled at the hoarding I apparently still do, LOL!

Actually, the video did give me more encouragement to continue on my path to live simply and as self-reliantly as possible. I jumped up and attacked some of the needy areas in my house in response.

I'm nowhere near their level of having only a handful of garbage after 4 months. But, it is certainly a worthwhile goal to try. I do love her idea of taking glass jars to the grocery store, but I'm not quite sure how that would all work out. Any ideas? I'm thinking they just buy everything in bulk and get a tare on the jar like they do at the health food store.

What did you think about those under the counter units?

Is this inspiring to you or just plain scary?


Green Mountain Living said...

I saw the same video clip and felt inspired. And yes honestly I was thinking of shopping at our health food store for some of the bulk items and asking them how to go about using my own packaging. Meat in glass jars??? My hubby laughed at me...but I would do it...I don't think its an awkward request. I'll try it if you try it?? Post on how it went I'll be curious LOL:)

Roxanne said...

Green Mountain--You're on! Post about it if you do it. I'm wondering what the downside would be? (Aside from the raised eyebrows at the store!)

I don't think the meat thing would even be considered at a regular store, so the health food store is our only option.

It will be a few weeks before I make the meat attempt as I'm well-supplied in that area, but I'm going to ask when I go there next for my other shopping.

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