Apr 22, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 37 Weeks to Go

Has anyone else had trouble with Blogger not accepting the layout of your posts? I've been having problems for weeks now. In fact, I'm typing this in the HTML mode in an effort to avert the problem. We'll see if it works!

My sister had her baby a week ago yesterday. It was a big "all of a sudden" rush starting at 5:30 AM and ending a short 2 hours later! I was racing up the interstate to meet them at the hospital so I could take care of their 7yo daughter. Big excitement! Things are settling down to "normal" for me and "new normal" for them. He's beautiful and healthy and enthusiastically welcomed by all!

Hence the reason THIS week's Res. Tues. is late!

Area 1: Weight

Up two pounds this week.

Area 2: Family

A question I have been pondering for the last few days: If married, what is the MOST important earthly relationship? My answer: the relationship I have with my husband. No one else is affected in the same way as the husband and wife by one another. Even children. They grow up and move out. Since that relationship IS the most important earthly one in my life, I have started to pay a lot more attention in this area. This attention has turned up some needs for fine-tuning in me. I've just scratched the surface, apparently. This after 25 years of marriage!

Area 3: Schedule

The new baby threw everyone's schedule off, including mine LOL! That's a good kind of upheaval and it was a lot of fun having a "daughter" for a couple of days. Flexibility is important--so is continuity. Balance in everything.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

Now that the weather is slowly getting better, I've added 20 minute walks, 4 days a week. It feels so good to get out in the open. Since it's only 20 minutes and I live practically at the North Pole, I do NOT put on sunscreen. I've read that the skin needs 20-30 minutes of sun exposure to help increase the vitamin D. The rest of the time I try to just stay out of the sun rather than slather on sunscreen. My limited reading has not been very positive about the pros vs. cons on sunscreen.

Area 5: Debt

Things have picked up in this area! We did a switch over to 0% cards and we're going to apply the saved interest to the balances. I tried to do this six months ago and no one was offering. Things have changed and we've taken advantage!

Area 6: Garden

My camera is acting up, so I don't have pictures of my seedlings. Most are coming up, but there are some that I think I overwatered and they drowned. Since I don't have pictures, I thought I'd add this video of a time-lapse of a radish seed sprouting. We thought it was pretty cool.


Stephanie said...

Congrats to you as a new auntie! But 2 hours?? Seriously. Where do I sign up for that program?!

Packrat said...

Wow, two hours! And a new baby to cuddle. Hope everyone is doing well.

As to the sunscreen, I've always wondered if in the long run it might be more dangerous than not wearing any. You know - giving "you" that false sense of security so that "you" actually stays out in the sun longer than "you" ordinarily would. It's great for those times when I know I'm going to be out for a long time, but otherwise I don't wear it either. Besides, if I put in on my face, oh dear. What a mess.

Enjoy your walks; most days it is too miserable here to go out walking.

Don't you just love these time lapse films? Thanks.

Have a happy, safe, and Blessed Easter.

K Quinn said...

Congratulations to your sister! We need a baby in the family. Sigh!

I'm allergic to sunscreen.

Thank you for reminding me to plant the radishes. I keep forgetting!

I heard the 20 minute sun thing from a guy on the radio. He was saying it will help you to sleep better. And he recc no sunglasses or glasses during that time. I never tried it though. I wear glasses and if I'm walking around outside I HAVE to be wearing them.

Roxanne said...

Stephanie--I KNOW. I told her she needed to impart this ability to other women LOL!

Packrat--He's as sweet as he can be. I keep telling them they should give him to me, but they just won't listen.

Packrat and K Quinn--I hate that sunscreen is in my makeup. No matter what makeup I try to wear, it breaks me out. I wonder if it's the sunscreen?

K Quinn--That's interesting about the eyes. When I was a senior in high school (in FL), we'd have marching band practice after school every day. I actually managed to get sunburned eyes! It was really freaky (and painful). I wear sunglasses ALL the time, now.

Packrat said...

Roxanne, I can't put anything - especially makeup - on my face without it breaking out. Now, that said, short of shaving, how do I get rid of the hair on my face??? lol

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