Apr 17, 2011

Free! Vintage Spring Cleaning e-Course

The calendar told me it was spring. The calendar lied, at least "up north" where I am! We had sleety rain today. Temperatures are on the cold side. The morning "lighting of the fire" is still occuring. Despite the fact that I'm still waiting for spring to arrive, I know that it will when it's ready and it will go quickly into summer. So, it's time to get the house in order and do the annual "Spring Cleaning!"

Kemi of Homemaking Organized and Vintage Homemaking has created an e-course that gives a vintage flair to this necessary task--and she's offering it for free. That should help with the motivation!

The first page of vintage hints from 1900 had a couple that brought a smile to my face. One said, "The workpeople should be engaged beforehand, to prevent delay and prolonged upset."

I laughed because my "workpeople" consist of me and my son. Engaging my son "beforehand" did not prevent prolonged upset. There was loud groaning involved, in fact. I guess engaging him "beforehand" at least gave him a chance to get used to the idea. I do provide reward for a job well-done, but his enthusiasm for the task is underwhelming. (Click HERE to see last year's experience.)

Another said, "It is a mistake to disarrange too many rooms at once; always leave some comfortable refuge."

Definite words of wisdom. I used to wander about from room to room as I started in one place and ended up distracted in another because I was putting something away. By the time I was ready to quit for the day, the mess I had created was VERY discouraging. A comfortable refuge will be established immediately upon commencing the cleaning!

I'm looking forward to working through this course over the coming weeks. Thank you, Kemi, for offering this!

(Click on the page below to sign up for the course.)


K Quinn said...

You're welcome Roxanne :) Hubby is feeling puny so I'm now a doctor.

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