Apr 16, 2011

Cool Blog Alert

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The price of food is going up. Did you notice?

With that in mind, I was doing a bit of research tonight to help in that department and came across the above blog. The title was intriguing and it proved to be an excellent and inspiring read. If you want her menus, she offers them for purchase. If not, there's still plenty of information on her blog for useful gleaning.

Related in an oblique way to my research, I found a fun tip for reducing food costs if you so desire. The oldest man in the world died a few days ago of natural causes. He was 114 years old. (Click HERE for that story.) When asked the inevitable question, he gave several examples of rules he had lived by that he thought contributed to his longevity. One that stood out was this:

Eat only two meals a day.

My husband often does this. His work is physically demanding. He eats a pretty decent breakfast, drinks water throughout the day, often skips lunch, and then has a decent supper. If he deems that the hour is too late for consuming too much food when he finally gets in, he'll sometimes choose to eat something light at that point.

Just wanted to offer "Food" for thought.


Packrat said...

Achk! It's snowing! Sorry, got distracted. The sun was shining just a few minutes ago.

Anyway, I actually used to make several meals at once. My mom and grandma did, so I guess it was natural that I learned it, too. In a way, I still do this. I always make too much food for the two of us, so the leftovers get frozen for another meal.

There are several freezer cooking and cook ahead type cookbooks on the market. (Watch for them in thrift and used book stores.)

The other thing I used to do was make up all kinds of different mixes (such as cake, pudding, salad dressings, seasonings, cookie, etc.) to have on hand. (Sheesh, I've gotten sloppy/lazy!)

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