Apr 12, 2011

Poll Results: A Well-Made Bed wins!

After THIS POST in which I incessantly rattled on about the joys of a well-made bed, I little thought passed through my mind when I reached the end of my rhapsodizing: I might be just a TAD BIT overboard about this activity.

SO, I created a poll to see if I needed to back off a bit. I discovered that I was not alone!

64% of you were with me and said, "I agree with you--It IS my God-given right!"

11% said, "Um, Roxanne, you need to get out more. Rumpled beds are a sign of a socially-forward personality."

Another 11% brought some balance with "Made or unmade--either is OK."

Two of you took advantage of my vulnerability and chose this answer: "Eww! You slept without sheets in college?" Hmph. All I can say is that that was then and this is now--thankfully!


Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

I enjoy a well made bed and I think of it as a blessing for my husband to get into a tidy bed after working hard all day.
The bedroom in your photo is beautiful and charming!

Packrat said...

I had to be one of the two - just for kicks.

humblelabor said...

Hi Roxanne. I just saw your note on my blog. 2011 has been wonderful! I'm terrible about blogging these days, but it's nice to find you checking in. Hope all is well with you and yours. Lots of warm wishes to you.

Roxanne said...

Rocky Mountain--I absolutely agree. My husband appreciates it as well. We spend a third of our lives there, as they say!

Packrat--Where's that raspberry emoticon? (HA!)

Humblelabor--I'm so glad to hear everything is going well with you. Any pictures to post????

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