Apr 2, 2011

Making the Bed: A Poll

(This photo comes from one of my favorite blogs. Click on the pic to see the full post.)

I've come a long way. Back in college, my bed was lucky to have SHEETS on it, much less being made up on a regular basis. I had more important things to do--like tear up the ice-covered hill to make it to my first class on time because I overslept!

That was then. This is now. About a year after I got married, I discovered the bliss that is a well-made bed. I found that getting into a well-made bed guaranteed that the covers would be distributed evenly across both husband AND wife. I found that the smoothness of the fitted sheet encouraged quick slumber rather than flopping about trying to get the wrinkles out from under my back.

In fact, I have become so addicted to the comfort of a well-made bed for when I'm ready to slumber that I have banned my husband from making the bed.

It's not a personality disorder. It's not a quirk. It's a God-given right!

That's how I feel about. How do you feel about it? Poll time! Come and vote.


Sue said...

This is really going to sound bad, but hubby "helps me out" by making the bed for me......and later I go upstairs to dust, or whatever, and kinda straighten it out a bit. He means well, so I'd NEVER say anything, but it drives me NUTS when the sheets are not straight.

Stephanie said...

Have you ever had a cake that is so pretty you don't want to eat it? That's kind of what these beds remind me of...only...not cake. They are pretty to look at and I'd be afraid to wrinkle them :p

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

I like to have my bed made neatly every morning. If my husband is around, he will help. Here in northern Montana, we have a dual control heated mattress pad ( wonderful) and blankets and a comforter. We appreciated the comfort of a nice, warm bed!........Denise

Packrat said...

I seldom actually make the bed, but I do straighten it. I, too, hate wrinkled bedding - especially the bottom sheet.

I love, love that bedroom.

MaryBeth said...

My husband calls me the "bed Nazi" lol!!!! I just can't sleep unless the bottom sheets are smooth and the rest of the covers are tucked in properly -- not too tight, not too floppy.

K Quinn said...

BEAUTIFUL! Yes Roxanne I so agree with you. I actually grew up believing strongly in the well made bed. I've always had the matching comforter, sham, bedskirt business going on. I like classic colors but last year I talked my husband into letting me Pottery Barn up our bedroom. It's now very light sunny and colorful where it was once calming creams and tans. When Sweet Peanut moved from the crib to the big girl bed I went all out and Pottery Barned her bed too. I wash the bedding in LeBlanc linen wash. I'm shameless. I religiously make the beds each morning after allowing them to air during breakfast. Every other day or so I spray the sheets with homemade lavendar linen water. Sometimes when I come to bed at night often my husband (who has long been asleep) will have kicked loose the carefully tucked corners. I have to refrain from shaking him out of a sound sleep and say "What!???!!" while pointing in furry. I'm bad. I admit. I love, love a well made bed.

Roxanne said...

Sue--At least he's trying, and we should ALWAYS be grateful for the help! Question: Do you ever sneak a quick tug to flatten things out when he's not looking?

Stephanie--I don't like a lot of extra stuff on the bed because I wouldn't want to mess it up. I keep mine SIMPLE. A quick tug and lots of smoothing and I'm done!

Rocky Mountain Homemaker--Ooooo, those dual control heaters sound NICE. We spend so much time in bed, I think it's important to have it the way we like it!

Packrat--It really is mostly about that bottom sheet. I'm glad we have fitted sheets now. Back in the day (I bet you remember, too!) we had to fold and tuck that bottom sheet!

MaryBeth--"Bed Nazi." Love it! My dh hasn't called me a name at, but I think I detected an eye roll once.

K Quinn--Um Hmm! You KNOW what I'm talking about! I'm glad to know you're raising up the next generation to be appreciative.

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