May 18, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 34, No, 33 Weeks to Go

As I mentioned a WEEK ago, "it's been a week." Thank you Packrat and Trixie for your encouragement! I won't bother with too many details, but I will say that ONE of the issues we've been dealing with is how the abundance of rain in our region has attempted to put an indoor pool in our basement! We kept ahead of it, but it looks like we'll be resealing the foundation and replacing the carpet. The upside is that I got plenty of exercise hauling water out of the basement as I used the wet vac on an hourly basis for days.

And on to our regularly scheduled Resolutions Report:

Area 1: Weight

What with all that water hauling and paying more attention to consuming vegetables, we're heading in the right direction again. Two whole pounds!

Area 2: Family

Thanks to a "Domestic Skills" worksheet I recently filled out, I have discovered something. After 25 years of working very hard to learn to declutter and clean my home, I found that I really HAVE accomplished that! I scored 100% in that area. I rejoiced.

Then I looked at the next area of skill questions: Cooking. I learned that I am desperately in need of improvement in that area--which I already knew. I've determined to apply the same concentration in this area as I did for the cleaning/decluttering area. I'm going to try to accomplish that in LESS than 25 years. My family rejoiced.

Area 3: Schedule

As I've begun to incorporate better cooking skills, I'm glad that I've made it a point to do most of the cooking in the morning. It makes it SO much easier to have just last minute prep to do before dinner. I encourage you to consider doing that if you're at home during the day. What a way to alleviate stress!

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

I'm going to "change over" our closets this week. It appears that the snow is truly gone for good, though the rain seems to have settled in. I think it should be safe to bring out the summer clothes as long as I keep some long sleeves and light jackets available.

Area 5: Debt

I have no idea what our basement situation is going to cost. I may pay the minimum amounts on the debt for a short time until I know what we're looking at. My purpose in doing that is to have CASH available to pay for whatever we'll need for the repairs.

Area 6: Garden

I left my "babies" outside in this deluge. I have been draining them in hopes that they'll recover, but they're pretty water-logged. It's a good thing I take better care of my human baby! Of course, my human baby would have let me know, loud and clear, if he was not being attended to.

Is it wet where you are? It seems that flooding is happening all over the US in many different areas. Is anyone in NEED of some rain? I'll try to send some your way.


Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Bless your heart. What a nightmare flooding is.
Our area received about 188 percent of average snow/rainfall and we're praying that we don't get some really warm temps that will melt it quickly because we live near a creek on a flood plain. We're required to carry government flood insurance, which is pretty much useless unless our house is carried off its foundation.
I like your idea to do a good percentage of the day's cooking in the morning. I'm going to give that a try and see what I think of it.
May God bless your area with a recession of the flood waters.........Denise

Packrat said...

Congrats on your weight loss, but what a way to lose. Oh, so sorry you had water damage. Your plants may or may not survive. At least it isn't too late to replant if you have a way to cover your garden in the fall.

The farmers can't plant because the fields are too wet, and now it is too late to bother. We don't want warm weather to come too fast. (Which is what always happens here. It stays cold then within three days the temp will jump to the eighties or nineties.) There is still over 8 feet of snow in the mountains. The last time we had that much this late was in 1974 - the year of the floods (here). We live on a hill between two creeks, but our shop is ground level right by a creek. I've mentioned several times that maybe we should have some sand bags ready...

Roxanne said...

Rocky Mountain--This is just crazy, isn't it? It actually STOPPED raining for the past 24 hours. I haven't checked the wather for our area yet because I'm just living in the moment LOL!

Have you tried the morning cooking yet? I'm interested in hearing how your experience comes out.

Packrat--Have you had to use those sand bags? I hope not!

Lorie B said...

Thanks for the note, Roxanne...It has been about of month of 'one of those weeks' around here. We have had our share of flooding issues with all the rain too. And my hubby had to have a root canal. And my youngest had a MAJOR asthma attack (we thought he was going to have to be hospitalized). He is better, but still in need of breathing treatments. And now we have determined my 6 year old is struggling in school. Part of it is I think he needs glasses (which I honestly don't have the money for right now). They want him to repeat kindergarten. However, everytime I try to talk to him about it, he gets majorly upset. Soooo, I am looking at a summer full of homeschooling to tutor him to be at the correct level. *sigh* Sorry to vent. Just wanted to update you. Keep us in your prayers if you would about our finances right now. Between the medical, dentist and eye doctors, we are tight right now. I will pray this weather fixes and your basement dries out soon. ((hugs))

Packrat said...

Not yet, thank God. Luckily it has cooled off. If there is precip in the mountains today, it'll be the white stuff. Quite chilly actually.

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