May 27, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 32 Weeks to Go

Notice how I'm playing fast and loose with that whole Resolution "Tuesday" thing. I should rename it "Tuesday-ish" and be more accurate!

Considering the devastation that's going on in other places with all the flooding, I really can't say much about our little experience here. But, I'm going to. It is raining so much that I'm pruning up. We've developed leaks downstairs now and the basement is trying to turn into a pool again. Yesterday SEVEN separate thunder storms rolled through. It even hailed! I'm just a bit tired of all of this, but I keep reminding myself that it could definitely be a lot worse. Then I vacuum up some more water and go on with the next task.

Area 1: Weight

Another pound in the right direction. That could be just the water weight lost from all the sneezing I've been doing courtesy of the pollen count. How we could have high pollen AND extreme rain is beyond me.

Area 2: Family

I've been reading about Tasha Tudor lately. For those that don't know, she was a children's book illustrator who deliberately lived as if it were 1830. She talked about how visitors always commented on how dark her interior was. I also recently watched a great PBS documentary about the industrial revolution and the invention of the light bulb. That one invention alone gave us the opportunity to work longer and more productively, so the commentator said.

During the storms yesterday, J and I used an oil lamp to read and do our work by. I understand better what an amazing change must have occurred when the cities received electricity. We are SO used to things being as bright as we want. We're also used to staying up late, because we can, and letting the computer or TV entertain us. I'm not sure that Tasha's choices were all that strange, though. I know that without access to all the bright lights and electricity I'd probably get more sleep!

Area 3: Schedule

I've been actively using my updated schedule for a while now. It is SO working! Even in the midst of all the extra activities of water and finishing up homeschooling for the year, things are running smoothly. I love a schedule that works!

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

I changed out the closets to include summer clothing. It's kind of fun to see things I haven't seen in half a year. I've been taking care of the chassis of EACH family member as I'm renovating some clothing to become summer wear. That kind of sewing is very quick and rewarding!

Area 5: Debt

I have a feeling that our insurance is not going to cover any of the damage that is happening. To date we had reduced our debt by 22% (yay!), but I think we're going to have to incur some to take care of these issues. One of the downsides of home ownership!

I used to think that I wanted to build a cute, sweet little house whenever we got around to being able to do that. I may have changed my mind. I'm now thinking "waterproof." I saw THIS house on a recent Yahoo offering and it's sort of tempting! No more leaking and flooding! What do you think? No?

Area 6: Garden

My "babies" mostly died, but there were some survivors. Wednesday there was actually no rain, so I took advantage and planted them and also lots of seeds. My knees and back were SO sore, and I think I even sunburned my nose a little bit.

Then, Thursday the storms and the hail and the deluge came. I haven't gone out to check them yet. I'm afraid I will cry right in front of all the neighbors. I may send my dh out to look when he gets home...


Mary R. said...

That is one fantastic house; I'd love to have one like it!

Roxanne said...

Mary--I'm only partially joking about it. A house that doesn't need painting or roofing and provides what I would guess is a pretty great level of insulation for the winter is definitely intriguing!

Packrat said...

so sorry you are still battling the water in the basement. sure can make a mess, can't it? sorry, no go at all on the concrete house. congrats on the weight loss.

K Quinn said...

I feel bad too complaining about our rain and then seeing the horrible devastation around the country.

If you ever get a chance to read some of the older Victoria magazines they featured Tasha Tudor a lot, especially around Christmas.

I love that"Chassis" I've been working on mine big time. I testing out some FitPrime videos on Amazon (go figure you can rent them). I'm still bad about eating. If I can lose weight with exercise I would much rather.

Our early spring veggies survived a few hail storms so your babies may surprise you. My bok choi has bolted so I harvested it all.

I like that house too. I hate dampness.

Packrat said...

Is everyone okay?

Roxanne said...

Yes--Thanks for asking.

I'm just out of things to say, I guess! I keep thinking I want to post something, then another day goes by.

I might be taking an unintentional break.

I'll try to post about it soon!

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