Jun 20, 2011

Well, goodness!

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted. I'm apparently taking an unintentional blog break.

I figured out the problem. I seem to have nothing to say at the moment! Imagine that. I keep thinking about posting something and then, when I finally sit down to the "new post" page . . . nothing. I've also noticed that I end up being interrupted after just a few words. Since I have nothing to say, the interruptions get my attention.

I think I will go ahead and take an official break until July. Might as well considering it's almost the end of June!

I do have lots of things that I'm doing that I think might inspire some writing. There have also been lots of things going on that seem to have undermined that same inspiration. Leaking roof and water coming into our basement foundation, mainly. We've recently gone in a positive direction with both those areas and I'm feeling a whole lot better regarding my home. "Haven" wasn't cutting it for the last six weeks!

Now that a few things have started to come into order, I'm feeling the "haven" love again. That should help in the posting department!

See you in July.



Packrat said...

Enjoy! Hope things start looking up!

K Quinn said...

I thought you were sailing the seven seas. Looking forward to reading some great stuff in July. Have a happy summer.

Anonymous said...

Stay dry!

Roxanne said...

Thanks, y'all!

I guess I just needed the rest!

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