Aug 3, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 22 Weeks to Go

Area 1: Weight

I've been doing a lot of hard physical labor this summer. I feel stronger, which is nice. I feel productive, which is really nice! For me, however, losing weight is nearly 100% dealing with the food. We're eating lots of salads and veggies, but I'm still frequenting a certain M place with their evil Carmel Frappes. Those things have so many calories that no amount of gardening and hauling things around the yard will be able to compete with the amount I have consumed. Of course, you know that it's all McD's fault, right? It's not me at all. Nope. I should sue.

Area 2: Family

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary. We're going out this evening for a nice, quiet, child-free dinner. All day I have been thinking about what we were doing 26 years ago at each glance at the clock. Right now I was finishing up making sure the reception items were in order and getting my bridesmaids rounded up to go and get dressed for the service at 1:00. We were SO young!!! (I was so thin!) Though it has been more than a quarter of a century, I still look at my sweetheart's face and see that boy that was grinning so broadly as I walked down the aisle. I'm so grateful for the years that we've had and the years we will have together.

Area 3: Schedule

I've added something to my daily schedule. I've added a stroll around our acreage--all .75 of an acre of it. I tell my son that we're going to go "walk the gardens." It's fun to see what is already there and think of what is to come. It's a nice thing to do while I can still walk without layers and parkas and thick boots!

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

Nothing new here. I'm coloring my hair later today. Woo hoo.

Area 5: Debt

With all that's going on in our economy, I've been wondering about selling some gold. We don't have much, but we've been holding on to it as we've watched the price of gold rise. Anyone sold any? Anyone have thoughts on how long to wait?

Area 6: Garden

I was picking Japanese beetles off of my green beans yesterday. I detest those things. I also found a couple of worms that needed to move along as well, so they all met their demise together. Everything has lots of flowers on it, which is encouraging. I've processed some yellow squash for the freezer and we've eaten lettuce, tomatoes, and collard greens so far. Correction, we've all eaten lettuce, tomatoes, and squash, but only my dh and ds have eaten collard greens. I may be from the South, but I don't do collard greens OR okra. My dad was from New York. It's all his fault.

Though not from my garden, I did score some strawberries at a great price and just finished making some jam. Hopefully I did everything correctly. I tried using something new called Pomona's Powdered Pectin. Raspberries will be in in another month and I want to put up a few jars of raspberry jam as well. That should take care of our jam for toast needs as well as sweetened fruit to put in the yogurt. (I buy plain yogurt in the 32oz container and mix in the fruit as I serve it. MUCH cheaper!)


affectionforfitness said...

Happy anniversary Roxanne! My husband and I had our 23 anniversary last week.

Strolling through your acreage is probably exercise + relaxation. Good idea.

:-) Marion

Packrat said...

Happy anniversary! You are well into your evening by now, so hope you are enjoying your date.

#1 - Evil, is correct. So glad that there isn't a McD's here. Those made elsewhere are too expensive and not near as good.

#3 - What a good idea!

#5 - It is a gamble at best. Right now metal prices are still rising, but for how long? The problem with selling now, is that there is no way to replace it once it has been sold. My thoughts are that if you aren't in danger of losing your house, you aren't starving, there isn't a dire emergency, hold on to it until you really, really need it or save it for J's college fund.

I love greens - all kinds. A customer just gave us a huge bag full of mixed greens (chard, spinach, collard). It tasted so good that J & I ate all of it in two days.

Roxanne said...

Marion--Thank you! And congratulations to you, too!

Can you believe DECADES (plural) have gone by already???

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Thank you! We had a delightful time. It was so strange being "alone" but we had no problem having a conversation as adults LOL! I never once told my husband to take smaller bites or use his napkin.

My husband is in aggreement with re: the gold AND the greens.

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