Aug 9, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 21 Weeks to Go

Area 1: Weight

No poundage lost the last two weeks, but my clothes are ever so slightly less tight. I think it's all the water, veggies, and gardening!!

Area 2: Family

I love summer. My son and I have taken advantage of the ease of just enjoying the outdoors. He's been helping a lot in the garden work and it's nice to see him (and for him to see) helping the family. I make sure I praise him, especially when there's no complaining about the work!

Area 3: Schedule

With the garden, the ever-ongoing-desire to lose weight, and the continued chipping away at our debt, I've decided it's time to "Cook From My Pantry" again. That's where I started this blog 3 years ago! HERE is a link to the first time through.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

In the winter I try not to over shower my skin. It gets very dry and unhappy. In the summer with all the heat and activity, I have no choice. Believe it or not, it STILL gets dry even though it's fairly humid. I just realized this afternoon when I took my shower that we never put our filter back on after we changed the shower head--12 months ago! The filter removes a lot of the chlorine in the water. When the water heats up, not only are we bathing in certain amounts of chlorine, we're also inhaling it. I think I'd better put that on the "Honey-Do" list asap!

Area 5: Debt

I did some calculating on Sunday night and we have put to rest a full 25% of our debt, even with the recent roof and basement setbacks! We're still not done with the repairs for the basement, but things are to the level that the rest of the repairs can wait. Woo hoo!

Area 6: Garden

I hate to say this, but I evidently killed my beautiful yellow squash plants. There were probably nine plants all growing in one GIANT bunch. The flowers were plentiful and the whole thing was gorgeous. Then, we were hit with powdery mildew. I decided to cut off the leaves (at the bottom of the stem) that had the mildew on them. Things are very sad and moldy looking now. Was I supposed to just cut the leaf and not the stem? How can I prevent this in the future?

I feel guilt-ridden. I think the other plants tremble a bit when they see me coming with the shears!


affectionforfitness said...

I think my husband would do something violent toward me if I made a "honey-do list." :D

:-) Marion

Roxanne said...

Marion--I use the honey-do list to AVOID violence (JK!). Actually, I just write it on the list and then forget about it. If he feels he has some time to fit something in, he'll check the list and decide what would be good for the moment.

It keeps me from nagging about it--which WOULD cause him to want to think about a little "to the moon, Alice" about me!

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