Aug 10, 2011

The Woodshed Deluxe, or Braggin' on the Hubby

We heated with wood full-time last winter. We were actually warm inside for the first time since we moved here 14 years ago! That part was awesome. The sad part was that my husband had the wood dropped in the back of the yard in October and then proceeded to warm 60 hour weeks and be gone for two of the weeks. He never got around to stacking--or covering--the wood. Then the snows came. (You can read the full story HERE.)

This picture is of J (my son) out at the frozen woodpile last winter collecting some logs to stack on the porch. My dh and ds had to chip away the ice to get the wood out. We had lots of sizzling (and smoking) fires due to the high water content...

After THAT horrendous experience, my dh has been on a rampage to NEVER let that happen again! He's been collecting wood here and there all summer (freebies). Some of it is piled here.

Oh No! That looks like it will be covered in sleet and snow when winter arrives. Again.

Never fear. My husband learned a hard (and cold) lesson. Look what he's been constructing in between his long work days and busy weekends:

It's not done yet, but soon all we be finished. The wood will be D.R.Y. and easy to obtain.

And we will be warm!


Packrat said...

The shed is going to be so wonderful for everyone in your family.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--I joked with my husband that it's so gorgeous (or will be) that we could just move in a la Thoreau of Walden's Pond fame.

If I see bricks going up for a chimney on the side I'll know why!

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