Aug 11, 2011

My Garden--and a Mystery Plant to identify

After the flooding in the spring I managed to get some half price plants at the nursery to fill in (read about 75% of the garden). Since then we've had the most beautiful summer. My garden has been pretty happy and I'm starting to see some harvest.

My first harvest was the yellow squash. The plants were kind of all together in a giant bush. The effect was gorgeous. Then, the powdery mildew came. Then, I decided to cut the leaves and stems that were affected. Then, I ended up with what I'm calling "My Shame":

Pretty sad, isn't it? I feel really, really bad. But then I walk down a few feet and see this lovely squashy plant. (I'm not sure what it is exactly because I forgot to label things. Yes, I do feel dumb. Thank you.) Whatever it is, it's going great guns. It has some powdery mildew, too, but I'm spraying it was some baking soda water (someone told me to do that) and removing a FEW leaves at a time so as not to shock the plant. So far, so good.

This next area is my green beans. Those poles are 7 feet tall. I love how climbing things have their little shoots that wind around and give the plant a boost. I love my trellis. Another dh creation. (To see his woodshed extraordinaire, click HERE.)

In front of the trellis area of beans and tomatoes I've planted some cabbage. I'm fairly sure about that. That completes the tour of some of the plants on the left side of the garden.

Here's the right side filled with tomatoes brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and watermelons. They're all labeled. I smartened up a bit.

And now for the FULL picture. It looks kind of small, but I had to start small. Now that I'm seeing some success, I'm ready to enlarge the garden next year!

Finally, I have a mystery plant. This is one of those (I guess?) that I planted without labeling. It doesn't look like any picture on any seed packet I have. I have NO idea what it is. It could be flowers or vegetables as I planted both.

If anyone can venture a guess (or if you KNOW) what it is, I will be very grateful. It's not any of the things I mentioned above. Please help identify this mystery plant! (I think you can click on the picture to enlarge.) TIA!


Packrat said...

Your garden is looking nice. Not so big that it is difficult to tend. Now for the mystery plant. Bolted cauliflower or Brussell sprouts is my guess. But that is what it is - strictly a guess.

affectionforfitness said...

My gut thought was cabbage-y, possibly Brussel sprouts. I thought that *before* reading and totally agreeing with Packrat's comment. :D

:-) Marion

Kathleen said...

I see NO shame in you not labeling your plants. You can label it the "Mystery Garden" and watch for the great surprises that it has in store for you. Maybe some are perennials that won't bloom until next year! I think it's a great idea. Don't beat yourself up - it isn't life or death after all.

Roxanne said...

Thanks for the guesses Packrat, Marion, and Kathleen!

I ended up just pulling and tossing those plants. There was nothing at the root and they looked like they were bolting.

They didn't have the leggy stems like the other brussels sprouts plants that I have, so I don't think they were brussels.

I think I got a couple of "other" plants when I picked up the flat of cruciferous plants. Even the nursery folks couldn't figure out what it was.

We may never know...

Roxanne said...

Kathleen--You are RIGHT! I refuse to let a little thing like completely not labeling my plants bring shame to my efforts. Surprises are fun.

Next year, though, I'm going to be more careful!

K Quinn said...

Look at you! That is beautiful! You've done a nice job. I label NOTHING. I am so bad. I was going to say brussel sprouts too. You've done a really nice job. I'm sitting here with a vintage gardening book in my lap (1970's), 12 Month's Harvest. It's got it all. I think I need to blog about it instead of take up your comments space but you might like it. Stay tuned (freezer pics are up).

Roxanne said...

K Quinn--I'm off to see if you've done that gardening post you mentioned.

I wish I had your green thumb!

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