Aug 12, 2011

TWO Polls... Come and Vote!

It's been a long time since I posted a poll. Therefore, I decided to post two.

I've been examining my levels of competency of late. Specifically I've been thinking about to what degree I've accomplished the various parts of my role as a homemaker after working at it for 25 years. I've been surprised at discovering I've actually become very good at some tasks. I've also been dismayed to know that mastery of other tasks has been sort of pushed aside and excused away. (How many times have I talked about hating to cook???) Since I was thinking about it, I thought I'd throw it out for others to examine and share.

I chose certain common areas and labeled them "Domestic Arts" and listed Cooking, Cleaning, Sewing, Thrift (as in making the most of the money that comes into the house), and Household Management (making the whole thing run like clockwork and creating a haven for everyone who lives there).

The first poll asks what areas you feel you have reached a level of efficiency. I enabled the poll to accept multiple choices. I also gave "other" as an option and would love to hear what that might be in the comments.

The second poll asks what ONE area you feel has been neglected most by you and could use definite improvement. ("All of the Above" is not an option. No one is dismal at ALL of it. Don't be so hard on yourself.)

Please come and vote. Be encouraged by what you find when you think about your accomplishments!


affectionforfitness said...

My very worst domestic weakness is cleaning out the microwave.

My very best domestic strength is planning family popcorn and movie parties? Does that count?

:-) Marion

Roxanne said...

Marion--Of course! Whatever makes home the cozy place for everyone that it should be falls under "household managment" to me!

Packrat said...

Once upon a time, I could be good at most everything that had to do with the inside of the house. It was just the way I was taught as I was growing up - just the way of life. But, I was/am lazy and rebellious and a borderline women's libber. The only thing that I really even care much about is sewing. I cook to eat. I clean and am thrifty when I absolutely have to. Household management flew out the door the second I got married to a workaholic firefighter.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--I KNOW that if I could spend a couple of intense weeks with you could teach me more than I've been able to learn in 25 years! Wouldn't that be fun!!

I came from a completely opposite background from you--my mother had zero idea about running a house. It was actually pretty embarrassing when I had friends over. She taught me absolutely nothing and I had to figure it all out the hard way.

Workaholic hubbies definitely don't make it easy for things to run smoothly. I know what you mean there!

When I talk about making my home a Haven, I include myself. I'm a member of this household. I do things for my family, yes, but I also do them for me and have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits to me over the years.

Oh, if only we lived closer! I'd sign up for a course from you in a heartbeat. I'd love to tap into the wells of knowledge that you have!

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