Aug 13, 2011

Vintage Quotes: Jackie Kennedy

I found this 1961 souvenir issue about Jacqueline Kennedy at a yard sale recently. It was mixed in with several other vintage magazines, all for $1.00. I was thrilled! I knew it would be enjoyable from an historical point of view. I was surprised by what else I found.

The pictures were all from her early days as the First Lady. She had young children, was young herself, and was married to the man who ran the most powerful country in the world. The quotes throughout the book were all about family.

Below this picture it said:

"Running a house is a joy to me. When it all runs smoothly...when food is good...the flowers look fresh...I have such satisfaction."

In another section of the book she made a comment that gave some insight as to how she dealt with the tragedy that occurred a short two years later:

"I believe that if you can't cope with emergencies by the time you are twenty-five, you'll never be able to adapt yourself to situations."

When you were twenty-five, did you feel that you were capable of coping with emergencies? I know I'm more capable now, but I'm also nearly twice that. Interesting.


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Roxanne! I really like your insights from vintage magazines. It makes you interesting and different.

I have some posts about the beginning of American yoga and Victorian gym machines on my blog. The images are great. Why? Curiosity and fascination, I guess.

:-) Marion

RetroRocketGal said...

I always loved Jackie Kennedy. Mary

Roxanne said...

Marion--Thanks! I absolutely love vintage magazines. There was such a respect for woman who worked full-time in the home. Because of that respect, they tended to give really useful advice and tips to those who were managers at home!

Mary--I know what you mean. She seems to to transcend political parties and is actually an era all to herself.

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