Sep 18, 2011

Classic H of H: Pictures of Me

(I don't like to be in front of the camera, especially since I've gained so much weight.  Yesterday as we boarded the USS Wisconsin a photographer hoping to make a buck asked me if I wanted a picture of the family in front of the ship.  I refrained from scoffing, but I think a small snort escaped from me before I politely said no. 

For those who may be new to Haven of Home, I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of me that I AM willing to share.  They really are of me, just younger and thinner!)

As a "treat" (?) I decided to introduce you to the young me. I mean YOUNG. Then you'll see the older me. Are you excited? Are you ready? Are you sitting down?
I thought it would be fun as I'm sort of going through a bit of a time machine as we're preparing to move my MIL in with us. She has been in my life since I was 16yo. And, that was a long time ago!

I'll start at the beginning:

Way back when I was born there was only black and white film. In the "dark" ages. Get it? Never mind. (Notice the chair fabric. This picture is from 1963. The chair is pre-dates me.)


Somehow they developed color by the time I got to second grade. I think that "clenched lip" smile was due to hiding some missing teeth. (My mom made that dress. I loved that dress. I also had several with rick rack. I loved rick rack.)


With a HUGE jump we get to high school. My sister is on the left, my mom in the middle, and I'm on the right. I have no idea what size those skin-tight, straight-legged jeans were, but I weighed all of 108. (All the pictures of me in between second grade and tenth grade are at my sister's house. Consider yourself spared. You're welcome.)


I played the flute in the marching band. For some reason they thought it was a good idea for the band members to wear wool uniforms. In Florida. In the Fall. My hair shows the results of such interesting decision making. (BTW, that "bucket' that I'm carrying is my HAT. It's called a shako and was a tall plastic thingy with fake fur on the outside. Plastic with fur on it. In Florida.)


Next is college. Back then we still "did" corsages. That's my husband. He and I were not quite 20, but the moustache made him look MUCH older, don't you think?


Now it's 1985 and we're about to get married. I decided to grow out my nails for the wedding. I also tried out some Press-On Nails. Can you tell which is which? It's really tricky... (Lady Di was my inspiration.)


The Wedding Day. I'm finally Mrs. L after dating for five years. We were almost 22 years old.


This next picture was taken about two years before J came along. I was unaware of the photographer and I think I was in the buffet line at a wedding. My expression is either one of reflection about my own wedding--or I'm just eyeing up the entree. That's my sister in front of me. I think she spotted the dessert table gauging by the smile on her face...


This is one of my favorite pictures of J and me. He was six months old and would always reach up to pat my face when I held him like this. Let's pause for a moment of baby bliss.


Which brings us to today. Nope, no current pictures! I think you've had enough, anyway. Perhaps in another decade. . .


K Quinn said...

Aw! You are very pretty Roxanne. Thank you for sharing.

Roxanne said...

K Quinn--Thanks. Ironically I thought I looked terrible back then. If I could just look that good now!

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