Sep 29, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 14 Weeks to Go

Well, I'm back. I'm glad to be back, too. I love traveling, but I'm always happy to get back into the routine of every day life.

Since we took this educational trip, we delayed starting the homeschooling. In fact, we're not officially starting until Monday, Oct. 3rd. We were so immersed in the time period from 1607 to 1781 that we were a little glazed over on the way home. It was fantastic, though!

My plan to start NEXT week came from the extreme need to get the house in order THIS week. Fall cleaning, aka "Brawn Week" has been fully embraced. The only thing we have left to do is the upstairs (2 bedrooms and the master bath). It always feels so good to do this and I'll feel better able to concentrate on the schooling. This year will be more intense than ever as my son is in 4th grade.

I hope you enjoyed my "Classic" posts. I appreciate all the comments and will be responding to those very soon. Now to catch up on my resolutions:

Area 1: Weight

I gained ONLY 2 pounds on the trip. I say this because I recognize that it would probably have been more like 5 pounds if I hadn't done so much walking. Hours and hours of walking. Hours.

Area 2: Family

It's always interesting when we spend 24 hours a day together. New dynamics exist and I find myself bouncing between relaxing because someone else is there to take charge and trying to take charge because the someone else doesn't do things my way! Mostly it's so wonderful because we can just be together with no other responsibilities pulling us apart. This makes for great memories for all of us.

Area 3: Schedule

As I mentioned above, I'm nearly finished with Fall Cleaning and will be back in the regular routine come Monday.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

Do you know what happens to hair that is dipped into chlorinated water alternating with sea water and then washed in hard water? Straw. We all had straw hair. That's ok. My son learned to really swim this trip and that is nothing short of a miracle considering his stark fear in the past! Besides, all the chlorine and salt and minerals are now washed out with lots of conditioner making up for it.

Area 5: Debt

This trip was about 60% prepaid over the last few months. That helped a lot in our financial situation upon returning. We're determined to really attack the debt in a fast in hard way. One of the areas will be decreased (to, like, 0%) eating out. My post on Sunday Dinner reminded me of my original plans in this area.

Area 6: Garden

The first day of Fall Cleaning I spent outdoors getting the garden in order and cleaning up the summery areas (like the pool). We still have cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and celery going well. One lonely tomato plant is trying and a couple of pepper plants still look healthy. I'm making notes on all my mistakes and will definitely get things together EARLIER for next season.

And how was your week?


Packrat said...

Fun, newsy post. Hope you will post some pictures, or are they on your other blog (that I usually forget to look at)? You are such a bundle of energy. Glad you are home safely and that you had a great time.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Soon, very soon, I will be putting up the pics. My husband took approximately 17,282 pictures, so I need to sort through and choose, like, EIGHT for each of the areas we visited.

Energy? Oh how I wish!! The last time I had real, noticeable energy was after the Daniel Fast that I did a year ago August. After two weeks of no dairy, sugar, or caffeine, I felt like I was in a different body.

You would think that would motivate me, wouldn't you?

K Quinn said...

Hey! Welcome back! I did like your classic posts. I've been attempting some fall cleaning too but just little hot spots here and there. Anxiously awaiting pics!

Roxanne said...

KQuinn--I'm definitely running behind on the pics. As I told Packrat, my husband attempted to fill up my computer with pictures and I have to slog through them to pull out some posts.

I may not get it done until Christmas--2013!

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