Oct 4, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 13 Weeks to Go

Our leaves are changing rapidly. They're also starting to fall with the rain we've been having. I guess Autumn is here.

Area 1: Weight

Can I get a Woo Hoo? 3.4 pounds down! That means the 2 I gained on vacation PLUS another 1.4! (Notice that I completely believe in decimals and NOT rounding when it comes to weight loss.)

Area 2: Family

Structure, structure, structure. For us, anyway. It always seems like complete flexibility would be the better and more fun thing (been dealing with that all my adult life), but I love how much we accomplish and how rested we feel when we get up after a good night's sleep and get right to our responsibilities. It makes the evenings more enjoyable because we've actually completed a lot in today that doesn't have to be pushed over into tomorrow and we're tired enough to just go to bed without wanting to "veg."

Area 3: Schedule

We officially started school yesterday (wonderful first day!) and already we're taking a field trip. We're going to a local museum that offers classes for school groups and homeschoolers and today is our day. It gives us our "state" credit and we're getting it in before the more challenging (like the way I said that?) weather sets in. I'm going with my sister, niece and nephew.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

A lighter chassis today! I'm so thrilled that I moved downward again. Lots and lots of salads, lots and lots of water and some exercise. Continuing this is always the challenge.

Area 5: Debt

Slogging away on this. The museum we're going to today will cost me a whole $5. I have a school budget and this activity is kind to that budget!

Area 6: Garden

So far all the winter crops are stilling hanging in there. We've had a ton of rain for the last few days and it's been in the 40s and 50s. The next dry day we're going to turn over the plot that's done with some (homemade!) compost and put it to bed for the winter.


Frozen.Sunshine said...

It's cool to see someone keeping up on their new year's resolution year-round. We're doing that too, only we have a different resolution each week for this entire year. If you're interested, check out our blog.

Packrat said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! I so enjoy your posts. Enjoy the museum trip.

Roxanne said...

Frozen Sunshine--What a fun concept you and your husband are doing! I especially liked the resolutions that involved food...

Our cake was disgusting a year later. We took a picture with it and threw it out LOL!

Did you actually send your product thank yous to the companies?

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Thanks. The museum was very fun and the weather cooperated perfectly. It rained only when we were inside doing a class!

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