Oct 20, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 11 Weeks to Go

Area 1: Weight

Up a pound this week. Boo. Today I'm determined to stay on track.

Area 2: Family

My husband has been working VERY long hours. I've barely seen him. Son and I are deep into 4th grade subjects. In fact, we're just reenacted the Battle of Antietam (Civil War) with his bears. I don't like the big push toward getting the exteriors done before really bad weather sets in. (My husband is a paint contractor.) In another month, though, we should see more of each other. Looking forward to that.

Area 3: Schedule

That has been put on hold this week as I slog through the mountains of business and personal paperwork. I allowed myself to slack off and now it's time to get back on track with this as well! I take breaks to arrange bears to fight battles.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

My chassis has been neglected. Today I plan to color my hair so I don't look like my 75yo mother. SHE looks great in the grey--me, not so much! On Saturday my husband and I put in a snap-together Pergo-type floor in our living room. The amazing news is that it was completely free! The painful news is that my entire body wanted to know WHY I would squat like that for 8 hours. My hair hurt. I'm better now.

Area 5: Debt

Here is where I've been spending my time this week. I'm working on revamping everything. I try to do Dave Ramsey's budget and find that we've cut everything to the bone already. It's the stinkin' debt payments that're eating us alive. Thankfully the interest is 0% on two and 4% on the third, but the amount that goes out each month as the minimum plus some is staggering. When we get rid of this debt, we will NEVER go into debt again! In fact, we had NO debt until we were in our mid-30s with many circumstances converging to cause a huge debt load. I'm more than ready to get back to that level of freedom.

Area 6: Garden

Someone (a deer?) has been eating our Brussels sprouts plants! I'm trying to let them grow a bit longer to get them to a good size. I'm going to harvest the cabbages and celery this week, I think. They don't appear to be much bigger than they were a month ago, so I will go ahead and get them in before a real frost hits.

A rather "heavy" list this week--sorry about that. I'm just reporting in. In the next few days I will make it a point to do some nice posts that are cheerful and vintage-y. Meanwhile, back to work I go!


Packrat said...

You are doing great! Just keep plugging along. Love that you are "battling" with bears. You have such great ideas. J will never forget these times. Hugs! PS: Bet your living room looks really nice. :)

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