Nov 19, 2011

Results of Freezer Poll

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Two weeks ago I did a post HERE that asked you to vote on a poll about your level of freezer organization.  I gave three levels:

Black Belt:  Pristine organization with state of the art inventory method.

Brown Belt:  Regular knowledge of the contents with no food waste providing easy meal planning.

No Belt:  A frozen abyss.

78% identified their habits as being Brown Belt.  21% said "No Belt."  No one claimed Black Belt, but the Brown Belt levels were pretty closet to being Black Belt, IMO.

I was very impressed that most are on top of this issue.  I know for a fact that my meal planning is 100% easier when I know what I have in my stores (which is my current state of affairs!).  I am now officially inspired to join the Brown Belts permanently.  Thank you for the encouragement!

I would LOVE for one (or more) of you to write a post about your routine for keeping up with your freezer situation.  Pictures would be nice, too.  What about the challenge of having a frig/freezer only?  If you do write a post, PLEASE let me know.  I want to learn from those with experience!


Donna B said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been visiting yours for a while, and I love all the tips. I particularly love the Resoltion Tuesday. We should start a carnival with that next year. ;)

I totaly understand your point about consumer debt. It is a huge pitfall into which so many of us fell. I hope I am teaching my children the proper use (actually not using at all) of debt.

After Thanksgiving I will post about how I manage my freezer and will let yo know when it is up.

Anonymous said...

My freezer is in almost pristine condition but only because I was forced to clean it because stuff was falling out on me every time I opened the door!

Donna B said...


YOu need to get a chest freezer. Then the only issue is worrying about being able to close it. You don't have to worry about a broken toe. :)

Roxanne said...

Donna B--I'm looking forward to your post about freezer management. I think it is a tremendous help to keeping the costs of food down.

Resolution Tuesday has definitely been a challenge for me. It's kept me honest, that's for sure! What's a "carnival" in that regard?

Debt = Evil. That's my viewpoint!

Roxanne said...

TRIXIE!! What's been happening? It's good to "see" you!

Sometimes pain is necessary to motivate us to do what we need to do. Will you be doing a freezer post to show off its pristine condition?

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