Nov 5, 2011

Freezer Poll--Come and vote!

This could go either way. After you vote on this poll I could feel better or I could feel worse. Perhaps there are others who are less organized like I am or those who have conquered this area of homemaking. It doesn't matter, really, because I have a goal.

That goal is to work toward maintaining the inventory in my freezers!

So, here's the poll:

When it comes to the freezer above your frig and perhaps a separate deep freeze as well, do you know exactly what's in it at all times, right down to how many and the number of pounds or ounces?

Or, is it the black hole of the house where purchased food disappears, gets burned, and doesn't reappear until it's time to throw it away?

Or, are you generally aware enough of what you have stored in the cold regions that you can adequately keep the inventory moving and actually use what you've bought to (gasp) feed your family?

Though I have managed to have an (almost) perpetually clean frig, I am in a galaxy far, far away from having my freezers functioning as they ought.  It's kind of pitiful.

This week I have cleaned (again), and inventoried (again), these areas. My goal is to cook out of my pantry and freezers with minimal store purchases from now until Christmas. Perhaps THIS time I can maintain the whole process in a brand new way through the next two months . . . and beyond!


Sue said...

I am a dull dull person. I know EVERYTHING in my freezer---right down to EXACT location. It's in my creepy, creepy basement, so I often have to send hubby down to get a few things. I need to be able to tell him where to go !

Roxanne said...

Sue--HA!!! Now THAT would be good motivation to keep things in order and known. Too funny!

I desire that ability. It has become my new goal in life.

DrJulieAnn @ Modern Retro Woman said...

I'm in the generally aware category. I do have it organized in that similar foods are grouped together but I don't have an inventory.

When I do my weekly menu, I look in there to see what I have on hand and then plan from there.

When I start noticing that I'm low in a category (e.g., I only have a pound of ground beef left), then I start restocking the freezer. I only restock before I'm low only IF it is a really good deal and if I have room (such as whole chickens at an outrageously low price).

I only have the freezer above the refrigerator so it is easier to keep a casual eye on it plus it is never so full that I'd have to take everything out just to see what is in the back. Generally: veggies and planned-overs are on the top shelf and meat and soups are on the bottom shelf. Freezer jam, coffee, and other small things are in the door. Sometimes I will store whole wheat flour in the freezer but most of the time it is kept in the refrigerator. I don't buy prepared foods so I don't have to worry about boxes of stuff (except for the veggies).

DrJulieAnn @ Modern Retro Woman said...

Yikes! Didn't mean to write a novella! Sorry about that!

Packrat said...

I no longer know what is where or what is what. I can't even get to the freezer in the garage. Sigh. So frustrating.

K Quinn said...

I'm pretty organized about it (sorry). I keep a ledger taped to it so I know what's in there. Once the mouse took over the garage I wait for hubby to get home before I go in there. He's doing some major renovations to make sure we're mouse free and there is an arsenal of traps and whatnot out there.

But for some strange reason the one above the fridge is getting away from me. Hubby cleaned it out last week it was looking so bad. I generally know what I have in there but it's just so messy! Every once in a while I empty it, wipe it down, and organize again. I keep parmesan rinds, yeast, breadcrumbs, a few frozen veggies, small dessert bars, a few pie shells, some breakfast meats and what not in there.

I do label everything now because for a long time I didn't, not believing that meats wouldn't look like meat anymore but it's true. So I label.

Great blog post!

Roxanne said...

DrJulieAnn--All novellas are welcome, especially when they're as useful as yours!

Pictures of your freezer??? It's a huge bear to organize that small space to be useful and it sounds like you've accomplished that!

Roxanne said...

Packrat--I feel your pain. In fact, that's been my experience for months now. Now that my freezer path is clear, I make my son go with me to the basement so we can comment on how easy it is to get to it LOL!

Roxanne said...

KQuinn--Don't apologize, just share your giftings and anointings!

Every once in a while I don't label something. Inevitably I can't figure out what it is. It's really embarrassing.

My inventory sheets are all printed and in order. Guess where I got them from? (For others, it's from her "Vintage Planner" CD) I especially like the pantry inventory where it has boxes for pantry meal ideas. Very inspiring!

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