Nov 1, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: NINE Weeks to Go!

Nine. NINE! Craziness.

Area 1: Weight


Area 2: Family

I'm currently a single mom. I have seen my husband approximately 22 minutes in the last four weeks. He's TRIPLE booked with everyone wanting their painting done before the holidays. This happens every year and I always think I can handle it. Then, along about the 3rd week of this, I start getting grouchy! In a small way I have an inkling of an idea what women whose husbands are deployed or on the road feel. Bless you, those of you who deal with this!

Area 3: Schedule

I've actually been doing some small jobs for my husband to free him up to do the more detailed work this past week. I've been doing hard labor with much cozying up to the heating pad at bedtime and not even an ounce has budged. The only thing that has ever worked for me for weight loss is to cut out the sugar and grains. Fast food (which I've been using plentifully this week) is not the place to go to get rid of sugar and grains!

My son has been doing schoolwork while I've been peeling wallpaper. I've been listening to him read about the Civil War and Isaac Newton. This isn't my preference for homeschooling, but we've made it work in this unusual circumstance!

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

Winter dryness is setting in. I've armed myself with a bottle of lotion and chapstick on my bedside table. It's time to get out the humidifiers, too. To help reduce the microbes in the air (and hopefully ward off some potential cold bugs), I add Tea Tree or Lavender essential oils to the water. THIS website listed some great ideas about using essential oils in this way.

Area 5: Debt

Except for this week of pitiful fast food, we've been faithfully NOT going to restaurants since we came back from our trip in September. It feels REALLY good not plunking down $40-$50 each Sunday!

Area 6: Garden

A deer (I think) has been munching on my Brussels sprouts! It took a couple of days for me to realize that there were some plants missing. I finally counted them and figured out someone was topping them off!

I harvested the cabbage and celery today and will chop and freeze them tomorrow afternoon. One bed is pretty much ready to turn under for the winter. It wasn't as successful as I had hoped, but it wasn't a failure, either. Live, take notes, and learn!


Packrat said...

"Crickets" LOL Really, though I thoroughly sympathize with you on the weight "none lost". It is extremely frustrating. Area 2. Understand. Everything has to be done right now. Every year. Area 3. Good for you and J. There are many things J can do while you are busy elsewhere. Area 4: Be careful with essential oils. I'm really allergic to Tea Tree oil. Just saying. Area 5: You are doing great whether you think you are or not. Area 6: Some years are just better than others. Your garden did great for you being a "beginner" and for all the rain you had. All in all, you are amazing. Hugs!

Packrat said...

Oh, I should verify that I've never ingested tea tree oil, but I cannot use any lotion or shampoo that has it as an ingredient. Sooo, I'm really afraid to ingest it.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Tea Tree oil is definitely a tricky one. I used it full strength once and broke out in hives. As long as I dilute it, everything's ok, but I was afraid to for quite some time! I don't know about ingesting it, either. It's amazing how potent that stuff can be.

Thanks for the hugs!

K Quinn said...

Oh that "Crickets" made me laugh so hard. Maybe because I'm in the same boat. Sigh!

Okay this is crazy about tea tree oil and my sister still laughs. Right before my wedding I came down with some scalp condition that made my scalp peel in big sheets. My hair was lovely and it didn't itch but it was scary peeling. I bought like 16 ounces of tea tree oil and poured it (no joke, no lie) full strength on my scalp for about a month. It cleared up before the wedding and has never happened since. My hair was GREAT!

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