Dec 1, 2011

Dancing With the 60s

I am all about contributing important retro information to cyberspace.  Without me, for example, would you have at your fingertips, er, toes, the dance steps for classics like The Hully Gully and The Mashed Potato?  My 1963 issue of Life provided several dance moves in a Westinghouse ad which I've faithfully uploaded below.

I remember a reference book of just about everything that my parents had when I was growing up.  In one section it showed the patterns for the waltz and the tango.  I would practice them like it was serious business when I was about 10yo.  Now I have NEW (old) steps to add to my repertoire in my 40s! 

So, go and practice these so that you can be "groovy," too!


Mary said...

Oh, that's cute!

Packrat said...

Where were these when I was a teen? LOL. I did learn the cha cha and the twist.

Anonymous said...

Loving all the retro stuff. Have you ran accross much of anything that shows the cost of things? So interesting (and depressing :)

Roxanne said...

Trixie--I think some costs would be more than what we pay now, comparatively, but I think we've lost a lot of quality and pride as we've gone to the cheap, cheap stuff.

We should do some research!

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