Jan 6, 2012

Gametime: What Meal is That?


My grocery shopping this week added up to $68.67 for:


BLSL chicken
Beef Roast
Canned tomatoes (crushed, whole, diced)
Shrimp ($2.99/pound!)
Artisan bread (buy 1 get 2 free = .83 per loaf)

The meats marched that total right up there, but their prices were the rock bottom ones that I wait for to stock up.


This next section is for you to play. It's a guessing game I'm calling "What Meal is That?" Looking at the Entree ingredients, can you tell what I will be serving this week? Leave your guesses in the comments. The person with the most right answers each week will be featured on my sidebar with blog link!

This Week's Menu:
Entree: potatoes, corn, creamed corn, flour, butter, onions
Additions: artisan bread, salad

Entree: ground beef, baked beans, cheese, flaky biscuits
Addition: salad

Saturday: (an easy one)
Entree: shrimp, salad
Additions: cheese, grits

Entree: ground beef, tomato paste, breadcrumbs, carrots/onions combo
Additions: potatoes, milk, sour cream, green beans

Monday: (Don't strain your brain on this one!)
Entree: Ham
Additions: Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, cornbread

Entree: sweet potatoes, milk, curry
Additions: artisan bread, salad

Entree: dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella, onions
Additions: salad

Entree: Leftovers! It's errand running/grocery shopping day.


Just FYI, my lunches are all leftovers from the previous night and my breakfasts are generally the following every week. Except for Sunday and Thursday, we eat together at the table for breakfast:

Sunday: Some type of sweet rolls and coffee--we have to leave early for church
Monday: Fried eggs, sausage or bacon, toast, citrus
Tuesday: Hot cereal and fruit smoothie
Wednesday: Scrambled egg sandwiches, citrus
Thursday: Cold cereal and citrus (DH leaves at 6:30--no table time!)
Friday: Pancakes or waffles, sausage or bacon, citrus
Saturday: Depends on what we're doing. Sometimes muffins, sometimes leftover pancakes, sometimes biscuits and gravy.


Leslie said...

I'll "bite"!

Thur-corn casserole or corn chowder?
Fri-hamburger helper with beans?
Sat-polenta with shrimp and salad?
Sun-except for the vegies it sounds like meatloaf
Mon-um, HAM!
Tue-I love curry. I can't tell what your putting together but it sounds interesting.
Wed-pizza for sure!


Rebecca said...

okay...I'm resisting the urge to read Leslie's guesses...

Thursday: Scalloped corn and potato casserole

Friday: burgers on biscuits and cowboy beans

Saturday: shrimp salad

Sunday: meat loaf

Monday: ummmm...ham? (That's what we're having tonight!)

Tuesday: soup

Wednesday: Calzones

Roxanne said...

Leslie and Rebecca--Here are the actual entree meals:

Thu: Corn and Potato Casserole
Fri: "Hungry Jack" Casserole
Sat: Shrimp Salad
Sun: Meatloaf
Mon: Ham
Tue: Curried Sweet Potato and Apple Soup
Wed: Calzone

Leslie, you did great but Rebecca pretty much nailed it!

For her stellar food-sleuthing abilities, Rebecca is this week's game winner. Look on the sidebar for my featured winner!

Rebecca said...

woo-hoo...I love that title: "Food Sleuth"!

Roxanne said...

Rebecca--it is well-deserved!

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