Jan 10, 2012

Recommended EBooks--Part Two

(I'm behind in my blogging schedule.  Not a surprise, but I'm going to make amends now.  This post is for Tuesday.)

This is the second post I'm doing about EBooks from my collection. The first post is HERE.

In this final part of my "series," I'm going to tell you about five ebooks that are for sale. Three are homeschool related and two are not. The "source" link under each picture will take you to the EBook's website.

First up is a spiffy little ebook that tells children how to make a web page. I snagged this version of it for ages 7 to 9. I figured that I would be able to understand it. When I looked up the website for linking, I discovered that they no longer have this particular edition, but have one that's more involved and gives the age range as "8 and up." The "and up" worried me a bit, but I can still manage the 8yo level so I decided to post about it anyway.


This next EBook was wonderful. We both enjoyed the activities and thorough information about Columbus. The product description from the website says:

This unit begins with a 3-5 page fictional story which reveals true facts about the subject. It is followed by a variety of activities including: Daily Journal Questions for 15 days, Drawing, Science, Report Writing, Creative Writing, Poetry Writing, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Sequence of Events, Cause and Effect, Encyclopedia Skills, Bible Verse Activity, Map Skills, and a Craft Activity.


I haven't used this EBook yet, but having come across it again I remembered why I wanted to keep it. I remember P.E. in elementary school. It really was a course in "Physical Education." This EBook gives lesson plans with the homeschooling family in mind. I think we'll be incorporating this one very soon.


My parents weren't hippies...FAR from it. My dad, however, was from a generation that didn't think the doctor was the first place to run when common ailments came up. Therefore, I grew up with the understanding that many regular ol' sicknesses can be treated at home. Don't get me wrong, though. If something serious comes up, I have no problem going to the doctor.

This EBook gives some easy remedies for general ailment care. I tried my BEST to find it on the Internet but couldn't get a link for this particular PDF. The source link is for another of the author's EBooks entitled "Children's Cold and Flu Ebook." Perhaps she'll make this EBook available again if you ask her.


This last recommendation is a beloved one. I have regularly used her recipes and enjoyed the results of near "instant" meals made possible by this type of batch cooking. It has definitely been worth the purchase price for me.



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