Jan 13, 2012

Resolution Wednesday: 51 Weeks to Go

Explanation of Resolution Wednesday categories.

(I'm behind in my blogging schedule. Not a surprise, but I'm going to make amends now. This post is for Wednesday.)

Area 1: 2012 in 2012

Believe it or not (personally, I can't believe it), I have been too busy to declutter!!! My total items ousted is still at a round ZERO. Have no fear, this is one area I'm really good at LOL!

Area 2: Weight

DOWN 3.6 pounds

Area 3: Long-Term Goals

We've finally decided to look into refinancing our house. Our loan is for 6.35% and the current rate is less than 4%. My husband is doing all the phone calling and comparison shopping (yay!), so I don't know yet what the final decision will be. If it works as we HOPE it will, we'll be able to knock some money off and still pay the remainder of our house of fairly quickly. We shall see.

Area 4: Outdoor Time

This is harder than I thought it would be. I've managed 4 of the last seven days. I've got to remind myself to do it since it's not been a part of my life before.


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