Jan 18, 2012

Resolution Wednesday: 50 Weeks to Go

Explanation of Resolution Wednesday's categories.

NOW I'm back on track and all my ducks are in a row!  My weekly blogging schedule is working out fairly well.  Sadly, I think my readers are bored.  I'm getting almost no comments.  Are you still reading?  Of course, if you're not, then you wouldn't know I asked LOL! 

So, AM I boring everyone?  If so, some constructive suggestions would be useful.  What brought you to my blog in the first place?  Am I no longer writing the types of posts that will keep you reading?  Please let me know and I will see what changes I can make.  If I'm going to keep up with a blog so well (pats self on back--HA!), I'd like to know that others are finding it useful.

Now, on with this week's roundup:

Area 1: 2012 in 2012

Well, not zero! My total for this week is a whopping 32. But that's 32 less things cluttering up the house! After I finish going through my pathetic clothes (see yesterday's post), that number will most definitely swell.

Decluttered to date: 32
Amount still to go: 1980

Area 2: Weight

It's yo-yo time. UP 3 pounds. Probably retention.

Area 3: Long-term Goals

I have been working my new finances systems and I am on TOP of this, baby! ALL receipts are accounted for. ALL invoices are moved through their various stages. It's awesome. I might do a little post on this, but it's pretty much nothing new or earth-shattering. I just made the budgets in the three areas (household, family, business) and I'm actually keeping up with them. Who knew?

Area 4: Outdoor Time

Sure, as soon as I commit to this, winter finally arrives. We have had HIGHS of 2. Degrees. I have made it a point to "air" the house by cracking a window for five minutes each day to give a chance for the stale air to exchange with fresh air. Can I count the new air INSIDE the house as outdoor time?


Packrat said...

No, I haven't been reading. No, I won't be bored. I'm swamped right now, but I promise I'll be back in a couple of weeks. God Bless and HUGS

Lorie B said...

I keep up with you. I just don't comment much on blogs anymore because I found I was "attached" to about 40 of them and they began to eat me alive, LOL. I cut it all back to about 10 now. Though, it seems to be growing once again. eek. Please keep posting. Love hearing how things are.

Roxanne said...

Packrat and Lori--Thanks, y'all. I haven't ever head a lot of comments, but I was beginning to hear an echo when I posted!

I know everyone is busy. I would LOVE to read way more blogs than I do, but my family starts giving me looks when I am cozying up with the computer instead of them, so I completely understand.

I will carry on and y'all give a shout when you can.

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