Feb 3, 2012

Featured Blog: Cozy Little House

I got to this blog in a fun, roundabout way.  First SallyFord left a comment on one of my recent posts. (Thanks!)  I clicked on her link to "visit" her blog which is Enlightenment for the Sleepy... and enjoyed the sweet pictures of her boys and the well-thought-out book review.  While roaming around, I saw a blog title on her sidebar that intrigued me: Cozy Little House.

So, I clicked on it.

This blog is written by a woman who lives in a "little blue house" in Oklahoma.  She's fixing it up on a limited budget (and doing a great job).  She also features other guest writers who tell their stories about thrifty experiences and small-house living.  She has a lot of ads on her site, but I don't mind as I'm hoping the money she makes from her blog will help her continue to cozy up her home.  She's also planning to open an Etsy shop with the finds she doesn't need. 

Now that I've passed this along, I'm off to read more myself.  Thrifty, cozy, small house--totally right up my alley!


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