Feb 2, 2012


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Tuesday's post about vintage hair (click HERE) brought to memory a lovely pink, gooey setting gel called Dippity-do.  Does anyone else remember it?  My sister of the mod hot rollers fame swore by it.  Back then I just wanted to play with it!

I know we have setting gels now, but just the name "Dippity-do" makes it seem much more fun to use! 

Apparently it was still being made (just the green one) up until recently.  After a quick search I'm finding that all the online stores list it as "manufacturer discontinued."  The new bottle had the same name, but it just wasn't as appealing, I guess.

Well, there ARE still others out there.  I do think that "product" such as gel and hairspray are necessary to achieve the vintage styles.   (Maybe that would have stopped the frizzies when I tried to duplicate Samantha Stevens's hair?)  I remember (now) that my sister would put a good glob of the stuff on each wet section before adding the roller.  She also did something that was warm, I'm sure, but not very safe.  She'd put the vinyl hood of a hair dryer over her head and then fall asleep.  I always worried she'd electrocute herself. 

At least her hair would look good.

I found two commercials for Dippity-do.  The first was from the 60s.  I LOVED her style at the end of the commercial.  Did those rollers really create that?

The second one I REMEMBER AIRING! It's not good and clear, but it instantly took me back to 2nd grade. Sheesh!


Mac n' Janet said...

Oh, God, I use to use Dippity Doo, I shudder to even think of that now.

Roxanne said...

Mac n' Janet--you mean you didn't love it? I thought it was BIG fun to play with. I didn't use it on my hair, though. My sister had the perfect hair for those styles, though. It was thick and just slightly wavy. No need to straighten or to get a perm.

In the 80s, though, she was serious poodle-hair girl. I know she kept using her hot rollers. I wonder if she kept using the Dippity-do.

(I've been saying that for two days now, much to my 9yo's amusement. I try to work it into all of our conversations.)

Mac n' Janet said...

Thanks for visiting my bologna. I don't have a tour of my house, but there are pictures of it throughout the bologna.

Mac n' Janet said...

Can't believe I wrote bologna instead of blot.

Roxanne said...

Mac n' Janet--LOLOLOL! I loved the "bologna!" You mean it's just a lot of boloney? (HA!)

Did you notice that you wrote "blot" instead of "blog" in your correction?

The mystery deepens!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Roxanne -
I received an excerpt from a Wards 1934 catalog via email from my mom. Email me if you'd like me to forward it on to you!

Roxanne said...

Rebecca--I emailed you. Thanks for offering!!

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