Feb 1, 2012

Resolution Wednesday: 48 Weeks to Go

Explanation of Resolution Wednesday's categories.

Area 1: 2012 in 2012

Only 14 items this week.  I haven't started on the basement yet.  When I do, I expect the numbers to be MUCH higher...
Decluttered to Date: 158
Amount still to go: 1854

Area 2: Weight

Since January 1st I've lost a total of 6 pounds as of this morning;s weigh-in.  Slow and steady seems to be working. 

Area 3: Long-Term Goals

Nothing new to report here.

Area 4: Outdoor Time

A lot of my time outside this past week has been stacking wood. My husband built an AWESOME wood shed last fall. (Click HERE for that story. I never got the "after" shot. I'll have to do that in the summer.) The wood shed was completely filled with wood as winter started. The process now is that my son loads up a sled with wood, drags it over to the porch and then stacks it neatly around the perimeter. Nice, dry wood that we can grab and take to the wood stove as we need it! (Last year involved chipping ice and having the wet wood sizzle in the stove...)

We were running low so I volunteered to be the "stacker" while my son brought several loads. Trust me, this was beneficial "outside time" in more ways than one!  My shoulders say otherwise, but I'm just ignoring them.


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