May 12, 2012

Passing Along Some Savings

Just popping in for a second to let you know about a sale that Kemi is having on her "A Home Well Kept" set of planners. If you've been considering getting them, now is the time.  The percentage off is for the set of two planners.

Use the code THNKSMOM and you will receive 25% off.  The sale ends Monday, May 14.

A perfect Mother's Day gift!

If you'd like to, click HERE to use my affiliate link to go to her page, or HERE to go directly without going through my affiliate link.  Either way, Kemi has a great product and is a wonderful lady and I would love to send business her way!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

We are FINALLY getting all that mold yucky muck yuck taken care of in our upstairs.  For the last two weeks J and I have been hauling things downstairs (the two rooms were storing A LOT of stuff!) while my husband was working out of town.  Yesterday, he and a group of construction friends have begun the transformation.  As of this afternoon, the new insulation is in, the drywall is almost all up and the first taping is done.  DH also put in three new windows (which should help the winter warmth tremendously).

I have a ton of cleaning ahead of me when they get done...

For the next amount of time (Week? Weeks? Months?) that it may take my DH to find time to finish the finishing, we will be living in chaos.  Right now we're sleeping in our little camper.  Boy am I glad we have that!

In the midst of all of that, J and I are finishing up homeschooling.  He has two weeks left and then I'm going to kick in our newest summer plan.  It involves field trips, for one!

I trust that everyone is doing well and wish all the moms who read here a Happy Mother's Day!



FarmMom said...

Hey! Lots going on over here and would love to chat! Perhaps your field trips and your temorary "digs" would combine to on Blissful Acres Farm for a visit?? Biscuit has some baby goats that could use some extra cuddling.

I am glad you posted ~ have REALLY missed reading them!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your site via another self-help/stay-at-home mom site I can't remember...typical, right? ; )

snagged a couple of your vintage pics because I love the vintage style too!


Anonymous said...

You will have to post pics of your remodeling. I bet the new windows are so nice. New windows are on my someday-when-we-win-the-lottery-but-really-never-becasue-we-don't-play list.

I've been on a forever blogging break myself but enjoy popping in to read. Take Care,


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