Jun 16, 2012

I'm here, I'm here!

 Hey, y'all! 

I thought I'd post a quick (and long) update about what's been going on in my little haven.

Well, I have been busy, BUT, I've also been lazy regarding the computer.  I have found myself turning it on in the morning to check emails and take care of any customer stuff for my husband, checking my three favorite blogs, and then, get this...

shutting the computer off! 

I usually do another check before bed, too, but that has been it for weeks.  I have no idea why I'm doing this, but I'm enjoying the time off! 

I have looked back at all my posting plans and I do feel a bit bad that I've dropped the ball on them. The ones that really made me feel guilty were the "part 1 of 2" posts where the 2nd one never got written!  Perhaps I will ease myself back into more posting...

Recently two of my readers made it a point to see if I was still around.  I thank them for their concern and thought I'd do a post to catch you up.  Maybe something I'm doing could prove useful!

First off, I have a "summer schedule" that I've been using for 3 weeks now.  (Summer started early here!).  I'm going to do a separate post describing that.  So far we are loving it!

Second, it's been five weeks since the work crew removed the stained ceilings and mildewed insulation from our entire upstairs.  They put up the new drywall and then the work season kicked in and my husband began to work double shifts, six days a week on other people's houses.  He's working on it some tonight (Yay!) and my hope is that we'll stop living with all of our belongings stacked around us in teetering columns and get moved into the upstairs by October 1st.  My extreme hope is that it will be long before then, but I'm a realist.

Third, I've started to play piano for our worship band at church.  I played for five years before J was born.  Now that he's 10yo, our pastor asked if I would be willing to come back.  I am so thrilled to be able to minister through music again.  That means going to weekly practice and showing up early to the services, which takes time, but it is fantastic!

Finally, we've got the garden in, such as it is.  I've committed myself to my Five Year Yard plan and we're a tad behind thanks to the house shenanigans.  We're still going to persevere and do what we can do and perhaps we'll have more than A tomato show up this year.

That's my update.  Look for my post describing my "summer schedule" to come out in the next few days.  I'm pretty excited about it 'cause it's working for me! 

(FarmMom reminded me that I had started the year talking about decluttering 2012 items in 2012.  Apparently she and her family are doing this themselves and keeping track.  I stopped counting for a while, but I started up again.  FarmMom--I'm at 450!)


FarmMom said...

Woo Hoo! 450 is a great number! Almost 25% - even though the year is half over. we are considering our total number of about 600 a complete success so far, as well. There is a song that says something to the effect of "It's the climb, not the destination" and that's how I feel. Still big progress made, right?

Glad to see your post - I've missed them :)

Roxanne said...

Thank you, thank you. When dh gets done with the upstairs (during 2012, I hope!) and I get things moved into place, I plan to really let things fly.

My dh and ds are worried...

PS--J received his awesome BD present and card! He is working on a thank you note.

Packrat said...

So glad that the upstairs at least has drywall. One can live that way if one has to.

Sounds like you have been busy. Congrats on the music! That is important.

ie said...
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Saeed Afridi said...
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Anonymous said...
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