Jun 18, 2012

My "Summer Plan"

I mentioned in my last post that I had created a "Summer Plan."  I used one of the forms from an older version of Kemi's planner (see my sidebar for links to the planners) that showed the week-at-a-glance.   The form can be completed on the computer and printed, or, as I did, saved as a picture via the Paint program and used as a desktop picture!

Yes, a desktop picture.  Other people have pictures of their children, spouses, favorite vacation spots, or images of their hobbies.  Not me.  My desktop shows my weekly plan LOL!

If you click on the picture below, I believe it will enlarge.  Below the picture I'll describe what the heck it means!


No, I'm not the one playing tennis.  I should, of course, but it's actually my dh and ds.  They roll out of bed early, brush their teeth, grab a light snack and hit the court.  Meanwhile, I'm getting started on the laundry, making a good breakfast, and setting up my cooking plan. 

I have always done my laundry by doing one load each day during the week.  This is the first time in a long time that I've done it all in one day, but it's all part of my master plan to get the housework done so I can do OTHER things the rest of the week.  I'm loving this so much that I'm trying to figure out how I can do this during the regular school year!

The laundry is doing its thing, the men are getting some exercise and bonding time, and I'm lining up my groceries to cook a week's worth of meals in one day.  When they return, we eat breakfast and do our Bible reading.  My DH heads off to work, J and I spend a little time in the yard or garden improving something, and then I get started on the cooking. 

I knew that I wanted to do this and was about to look for some plans online when I stumbled across this book at a yard sale:

 It exactly fit what I was looking to do.  So far we've liked everything that I've cooked.  I'm about to do my 4th session on Monday and I'm Actually. Looking. Forward. To. Cooking.  Imagine that.  Two things are especially great about doing this (aside from having to just heat and eat throughout the week).  One is that none of the food that I'm buying is going to waste.  Nothing is lingering in the produce drawer, dying a slow, pathetic death.  Everything is fresh and healthy!  The second thing I really like is that I'm not having to do any major cleanup of the kitchen throughout the week.  Oh, JOY!

After I'm done with the cooking and kitchen cleanup, J and I do a thorough house cleaning (around the stacks and stacks of stuff), put away all the clean laundry, and then


I put the Family Movie Night on Monday because, after the busy day, I'm ready to kick back!


After breakfast/Bible/outdoor work, I set J to doing some state history activities while I do my paperwork.  That consists of bill paying, customer invoicing, filing, and working on the new school year.  When we finish with that, J and I work on some house project.  This coming Tuesday, for example, we'll be working on J's "notebooks."  In the evening, we all get to work on our respective computers without feeling like we're ignoring each other.  So far my husband hasn't gotten to participate in the evening activities, but soon (I hope) he'll not be working double shifts, 'cause the PM schedule is mucho fun too!


Usual morning startup with J going to his Mavis Beacon typing lessons while I put the finishing touches on my errand list.  I also do my grocery list even thought I don't shop until Friday.  After lunch, we head out and meander our way to band practice, doing whatever errands need to be taken care of.


DH leaves the house at 6:30 on Thursdays, so we don't eat breakfast together.  J and I do our morning routine and I gather up some snacks, our bottles of water, and we head out the door.  This past week he and I explored some side roads in our little town.  We came across a tiny graveyard and walked around reading the names and dates.  I let J decide if we'd go left or right at each junction (he loved that) and we spent about an hour just seeing what we came across.  We call these our "Adventures."  I want to incorporate time to do things for others in this time slot, too.  We'll see what I come up with.

We've been playing board games together in the evening, which has been very...interesting.  Let's just say that my 10yo boy is still having a little trouble with sportsmanship when he loses LOL!  Training time is always useful!


I'm working on some writing and drawing activities with J.  He enjoys both of those and I want to increase his skill in both areas.  I thought it would be nice to work on those without all the other school subjects hanging around.  I'm hoping that will make it a more relaxing and creative time for him. 

The same thought goes for the drum and piano lessons.  Less pressured.  Of course, right now it's just piano lessons because his drum set had to be dismantled.  He makes up for it by drumming on any flat surface he comes across.

We head to church about 5:00.  My favorite grocery store is near the church (half an hour away).  I shop for all the non-perishables before, leaving the few perishable items for after.  When I get home I load the frig and freezer, and leave the rest in bags in the pantry.  I don't have to put it away because it's all going to be used on Monday and throughout the week!  Did I mention how much I like cooking for the week on one day yet?


The weekend days are laid back and family oriented.  After church, I bring our food and changes of clothes (which I prepped on Saturday night), and we head out to do some family summer stuff.  We're already a half hour in the right direction leaving from there.  In the evening before bed, I do a quick plan for the upcoming week.

At this rate, I do believe I will accomplish much this summer and we'll have lots of wonderful memories!


Packrat said...

Phew. You wore me out just reading this. Sounds like you are having fun, tho. Enjoy.

I cook once a week now, but that is only because I haven't figured out to make less food. LOL It *is* great not to have a huge mess every single day.

K Quinn said...

I love your schedule. I might have to imitate. You know the sincerest form of flattery and all that. ;)

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