Aug 30, 2012

*TAP* *TAP* *TAP* ... Is this thing on?

Hey, Y'all!

Summer is about to come to a close at our house.  School starts on Monday.  It IS Labor Day, after all.  Doesn't that mean that J should labor?  He doesn't think so, either.

What a summer it has been!  I trust yours has been eventful and memorable in a good way.  Ours has been.  There have been challenges, too, certainly, but The Summer of 2012 has been fantastic.

I'm rolling some post ideas around in my mind.  If you're still out there reading my blog, stop by and say "hi" and catch me up on what you've been doing.  Let me know what your plans for autumn are. 

We're coming up on a new season in the calendar year and a new season in our lives.  For example, I'm going to begin my last year in the 40s.  I intend to make it a prelude to a wonderful new decade!

I'm going to be spending the weekend doing the final tweaking on my homeschooling as well as putting up the TONS of tomatoes are garden is producing.  One of our tomatoes was 2 pounds, all by itself!  We went to the fair yesterday and saw that we would have won third place if we had entered it.  Instead, we just ate it.

Our secret to mega tomatoes can be given with one word:

Manure.  That is all.


Packrat said...

HI! Glad to know all is well with you and yours. Hugs!

FarmMom said...

I always say that poo is good for everything! Well, not really, but it makes for colorful conversation with the kiddos!

Our fall will be busy with school (college classes for Number 1, regular homeschooling for the rest) 4H clubs and super fun activities with those, and hopefully some apple picking and preserving!

Glad to "see" you back on Blogger!

Praying for you and the extended family!

Packrat said...

Hi again! Daughter just got home a few days ago after being in Far East for 14 months. SO good to have her back. No concrete plans, yet.

Sue said...

A 2 lb tomato-wow! I'd slice that up for a fine BLT!

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