Jan 14, 2009

Cha Ching!

I thought it was time for some analysis. (Not for me, silly--analyzing my costs!)

I started this experiment "officially" on December 22, but I actually began using out of my stock and counting my new grocery purchases the week before (Dec. 16). I call that my "Test Run" Week. That means I have been using FIVE weeks worth of food.

On the sidebar I am keeping a running total of the value of my stock used. As of this post it is $192.49. That works out to $38.50 per week.

I have spent a total of $94.68, which includes through the end of week four. That was for the items I declared would be my only purchases, holiday purchases that I HAD to make and a few items that were surprise buys (like the carrots I decided I had to have).

$94.68 divided by FIVE weeks means my actual OUTGO has been only $18.94 per week. Total "Grocery Bill" value of food used per week for five weeks is: $57.44.

I am amazed and thrilled. So is my wallet.

I am now content.


humblelabor said...

This is SO impressive! And it sounds like you've been having really delicious meals, and not just random weird food combinations, like what I might think of...ha ha! Congrats!

Roxanne said...

Thank you.

I'm impressed with what has been possible, too. I am NOT a good cook but I do like a challenge LOL!

I'm also liking the fact that I'm seeing some space in the food storage areas.

I feel like I'm accomplishing something very important in providing good meals without wasting money. Wasting food is very common in our country and I have been guilty MANY times on that count!


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