Jan 14, 2009

Week Four: Wednesday (Day 18)

The larder is getting less full (yay!). I still have a surplus of meat but the sides are starting to get sparse. I suppose that just means I'll have to be more creative.

Confession time: I asked my husband to bring home a bag of carrots tonight. My salads are starting to depress me. I wanted to ask for more things, but I stopped myself. I really want to stick to my guns and release the hiddent ability to MAKE DO.

My grocery bill came to $8.44. My "extra" buys (bag of carrots and a baguette for the split pea soup) came to $5.00. (It's all Hubby's fault. He asked me if there was anything I wanted him to bring home from the store.)

I actually DID have salad tonight--Taco Salad. It was pretty good! Due to my limitations it wasn't as good as it COULD have been, but it definitely was nice. Someone gave us a bag of tortilla chips that were leftover at a church function last week. They came into play in this recipe. (Hubby got into them before I was able to tell him they were for tonight's supper, so half of the jar of picante is gone. Pesky, hungry hubbies...)

The Recipe

Cheese, shredded
Onion, diced
1 pound ground beef, cooked
1/2 jar picante sauce (see above)
tortilla chips

Directions: Toss.

I'm all "tucker tired" (as my son used to say) after making that meal.

The Verdict

Me: Not bad. Not bad at all. Who knew that taco salad is sort of a throw together sort of thing?



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