Jan 16, 2009

Week Four: Friday (Day 20)

Ten more meals to go! I've been thinking about where I will go after that. I still have quite a bit of meat, but I've also got a clearer idea of some basics that I didn't know I need to have on hand. I might do a "basics" grocery run and go from there.

I'll ponder that and write a post about it soon.

Tonight's meal was supposed to be BBQ Pulled Beef. Normally it's pulled pork, but I had a beef roast. It works, too. Sadly, I forgot to get it started last night when I meant to and now it won't be tonight's supper.

OK--Please don't get upset but...............Hubby is bringing home a pizza. There, I admit it. Do you forgive me?

But, TOMORROW it will be BBQ Pulled Beef! I have two crockpots, so the other will be steaming sweet potatoes (scroll down for sweet potato directions).

Here's my recipe of many years:

The Recipe

1 roast (beef or pork)
Granulated Garlic
Apple Cider Vinegar
BBQ sauce
Lots of elbow grease

  • Place roast in crockpot on low.
  • Sprinkle granulated garlic all over.
  • Pour AC Vinegar into bottom so that it comes up about 1 inch on the roast.
  • Cook overnight
  • If it is cooked, it will shred easily. Continue cooking if it doesn't

Here's the part where you need the elbow grease:

  • Place roast on a large platter and allow to cool down.
  • Discard vinegar.
  • Remove any fat pieces and layers.
  • With two forks, begin to shred the beef.
  • Return shredded meat to crockpot.
  • Add BBQ sauce and any other seasonings (eg hot sauce).
  • Turn to high and stir to heat through.

Serve with buns (or without). The vinegar gives it an extra little "kick." I've been told that it is a North Carolina specialty to use vinegar. I'm the one that added the BBQ sauce to it.

Should I name it "Roxanne Roast" or "RoxBQ"?

Or not.


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