Jan 29, 2009

Week Six: Thursday (Day 27)

I can't believe I'm FINALLY closing in on Day 30. I have to say that I am VERY ready to replenish certain items in the pantry.

It is so gratifying to see space in my freezers and shelves. They have mocked me for months. Well, I have prevailed!

Tonight I made hamburgers. Not JUST hamburgers, mind you, but Pioneer Woman's Hamburgers. Click on the link and see her amazing pictures. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

Because I had only smoked cheddar, that's the cheese I used. I also didn't buy the bread (thought I WANTED to!) and did not make the mayo (wanted to do that, too) since I'm doing this project and I'm also on a diet.

Didn't matter. The hamburgers were SO good. Yes, I said hamburgers. I ate two. My total calorie intake today was higher, but it was worth it.

I heated baked beans and had salad as well. But the hamburgers were the star of the evening.

I won't bother with the "Verdict" tag. I've already waxed eloquently enough above!


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