Mar 15, 2009

Final Countdown for Phase 1

I'm moving into the last week for the decluttering phase. I hit a snag when I got to the boxes of baby stuff and memorabilia. Those are going VERY slowly.

I managed to sort the baby clothes which accounted for half of the boxes filling those two closets. The other half involves my husband letting go of things.

He's resistant.

In light of the sentimental roadblock I've encountered, I've decided to add those two closet areas filled with memory items to week five and to remove the garage as an area for now. I'll get to that garage, I promise!

We're getting hints of spring (it got UP to 57 degrees today!), but we're not above getting at least one more snow before mid-May. Easter seems to be a popular time for a good nor'easter.

Someone asked what my next project will be once I've finished this 3-phase experience. I don't know for sure, but I have some ideas:

  • photo and video organization
  • yard stuff (We have 3/4 acre with TWO trees. It's pathetic.)
  • sewing with a vengeance, especially in refashioning things

All have definitely piqued my interest. I suspect the yard will win as it will be good weather for that. The other two areas can be done inside and won't be weather-dependant.

I have to say that blogging about a project is a WONDERFUL motivator. I highly recommend it.

Would anyone like to share what big project you're planning on doing by cutting it into pieces and working at it steadily? If you plan to blog about it, please let me know your start date and I'll post a list of those who are "biting the bullet" and blasting through to success. We can cheer each other on!


Jitterbug said...

Keep up the great work! I would definitely agree that keeping a blog - just having that accountability - gives great momentum to getting a project accomplished. There have been days when I didn't want to do any housework, but having to report on my results just pushed me out of bed.

It must be tough having a spouse, roommate, etc. who isn't feeling the same impulse to declutter.

Roxanne said...

If anyone is having trouble kick starting a new habit, working through a project, or needing to try something new, BLOGGING is the way to go!

My husband is WAY more willing to declutter than in the past. I'm wearing him down, I guess...

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