Mar 18, 2009

Phase 1: Week 5--Down to the wire

(I spent five weeks working my way through my house--including the basement. I divided things up and kept myself motivated thanks to having to "blog" about it! Scroll to the very bottom and read up about my whole "experience.")

I finished up the "memories." Well, I finished my part. My husband still has four more large boxes to go through as well as deciding what to get rid of in his workshop. I've promised myself I will NOT nag. Italic

I will bribe. Perhaps that will work!

Today I will finish the bathrooms/halls. Those won't take long at all.

Officially, my decluttering phase will end tomorrow (3/20/09). So will my "Giveaway." You have until midnight my time to add another entry.

You will be disqualified if you suggest I keep anything that I've already decided to get rid of, or if you pull something out of the garbage and suggest I was thinking unclearly when I threw it away. Oh, wait. That would be my FAMILY. The both of them! Like father, like son?

Starting Monday--------Phase 2!


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