Mar 23, 2009

Phase 2: Week 1--"Club Room"

I know, it's a funny name. This is how it happened: My dining room is TINY. We've been here 9 years and I was tired of being pinned into the corner when we had more than two people dining together. I had an epiphany one day and decided to SWITCH rooms.

My couch and coffee table were moved into the dining area (across from the kitchen). I now call that the "Seating Area" (tomorrow's spring clean focus).

I moved the dining table and chairs to the front of the living room under the windows

I moved the two wingback chairs to the large wall to the right of the dining area and grouped them with a table.

Then I stepped back and decided it looked like a "Men's Club" from the 1890s LOL! They could lounge in the wing chair wearing their smoking jacket, resting their pipe on the table. Perhaps perusing a newspaper or arguing politics with the gentleman in the other chair. The dining table looked like a gaming table.

And so was born, "The Club Room." Son loves the name and corrects me if I slip and call it the living room.

It is now beautifully fresh and spring-cleaned. Spiders have been put out of commission, the walls are ready for paint, and the carpet for some serious shampooing after the "Beautify" phase is complete.

I like spring-cleaning one room a day like this. It's so attainable and doesn't overwhelm me. This room took about 30 minutes.


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