Mar 24, 2009

Phase 2: Week 1-- The "Seating Area"

I am in Lemon Heaven.

My cleaner has lemon essential oils as well as my furniture polish. I think I'll continue with lemon throughout the whole spring cleaning time. In the fall I used lavender. I've toyed with the idea of ginger (Christmas cleaning), and berry (summer cleaning).

Two rooms have now been completed. Today's room was named the "Seating Area" because it is across from the kitchen counter. It gives a place for folks to sit and be able to talk to the person who is in the kitchen. It's also a nice place to cozy up with a book and be able to see into the backyard.

The furnishings are very simple: couch, coffee table, and small china hutch (in corner to the left of the couch). My son does his homeschool work on the coffee table at times, especially if I'm working in the kitchen.

After two days of this, I wanted to add some things I'd not listed:
  • Don't forget the light fixtures. Spiders like light fixtures.
  • Don't forget BEHIND the mirrors and pictures. Spiders like those places, too.
  • Little surfaces collect dust, too. The tops of the pictures and mirrors. The legs and sides of furniture. Spiders don't need to like those areas. They have the other areas.
I took a picture of my supplies.

I love my cleaning bucket. The shape is great for my scrub brush for doing the floor. It's pretty, too. Does anyone use something besides plastic as their cleaning bucket? If you take a picture, let me know.

I also love my telescoping ceiling brush. I can reach the cobwebs in my stairwell with this baby!

There's a wall space above my counter which probably COULD have been filled with a wider cabinet. It wasn't. The previous owner put up these little shelves. Here's how I've decorated them:

Vignettes of beauty. Those areas make me smile.


Gina said...

Love your progress - it just looks so peaceful & calm - a true haven from the world. I've posted my progress on my blog - thanks for the incentive! I've decided as I use up my cleaning supplies I will replace them with ones made using your recipes.

Roxanne said...

I'm off to cheer you on over at your progress post...

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