Mar 28, 2009

Phase 2--Week 1--Powder Room, Small Hall

I'm all about being flexible when it comes to the schedule. That's why I've had to be so rigid about making a schedule and blogging about it. If I didn't, I would just blow it off when "life" happens.

Thursday I was supposed to spring clean the office. I was gone from the house from 8am to 9:30pm. I figured that I would do it on Friday.

On Friday, the weather was actually WARM! It was so nice that I decided to do the powder room and small hall instead. I could do the office on Saturday. After homeschooling we blew off the rest of the housework and headed to the park.

Last night I glanced at my calendar. I had promised a friend that I would help her clean her condo on Saturday while the movers moved her belongings to her new house. I got back at 4:30.

I will be cleaning the office on Monday. I can't look the broom in the face right now.

Since I DID get the power room done, I'll post my stats and pics for that. Below is a "before" picture. You can tell that because I didn't empty the garbage before taking the picture. I love this room. My husband and I renovated it together. The short list is that we put up beadboard, did a faux finish on the walls, swapped painting for some leftover Pergo for the floor, and put in new toilet and sink fixtures.

Here's my best effort at taking a picture of the faux finish. My husband painted the whole wall in tinted semi-gloss. (He said that helped the tape to release when he taped for the stripes.) Next he measured and taped where he wanted the stripes to be and painted those in a flat finish tinted the same color. That's it!

This and the small hall adjoining it took 17 minutes. My goal is to do the office on Monday PLUS whatever else I had planned. Maybe. I'll just go with the flow if it's different from my plans!


Chocolate and Whine said...

I absolutely LOVE the color in that bathroom.

Roxanne said...

Thank you. I really love it, too. A small bathroom is actually a great place to do a strong color as it makes it so "rich" looking.

I would love to do a powder room in a "leather" color with lots of sumptuous details. One day!

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