Mar 28, 2009

A word about my mop

Mops. There are SO many choices. I decided to talk about my personal choices. So, here's what I like (if anyone is interested!).

For my kitchen floor, which gets mopped pretty much daily, I wet my dishtowel after it's final job as a counter wiper, fold it into a square and plop it onto my swept floor. Then I plant my foot in the center and scrub the whole floor. This is nice because I can apply pressure as needed and I get a nice aerobic workout, too. Once a month I get my scrub brush and do the hands and knees thing.

For the other small areas where I need to mop (small bathroom floors, front tiny foyer, and mudroom/laundry), I have a Clorox ReadyMop. Once the cleaner and the throw away pads were used up, I decided to use my own cleaner and make my own cleaning pads.

I bought some microfiber towels at Wally World. I roughly cut out an hourglass shape. I also cut out a rectangle. I serged the edge of the rectangle (you can zigzag with a regular machine) and laid it on the hourglass. While I serged (or zigzagged) the edge of the hourglass, I attached the two together at the top and bottom.

That's it. I set the flat part of the ReadyMop on the center and fold up the corners, stuffing them into the holders. It doesn't "glide" as easily as the commercial one, but I can pop them into the wash and use again.

Just in case that was as clear as mud, here's a picture:


This simple Life said...

I am so glad to see you made your own reusable clothes. Frankly I despise all of those disposable products. 90% of my home is tile and if I were to use those can you image how many I would use?

I just use a nice big commercial grade sponge mop and fill up my sink. Yes it means a little walking back and forth but I consider it my workout. LOL

Roxanne said...

I am all about reusable.

I think housework workouts are the best!

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