Mar 29, 2009

Will a vintage diet produce a vintage figure?

I am finding blogging to be an excellent way to motivate me to discipline myself and get things done. So far I have cooked almost totally from my pantry for six weeks, decluttered my whole house, and, currently, I'm in the middle of spring cleaning.

I thought I'd up the ante and declutter my body as well with the help of a blog. We'll see if it works!

Emily at Humble Labor had a diet book called "Stay Slim for Life" circa 1958 in her Etsy shop. I ordered it and it arrived a week ago. I was inspired. I have created a new blog entitled, "Shapely Weight from 1958" in which I will use the menus and advice to reduce my excess body.

If you're interested in my attempt at losing weight via a RETRO diet, click on the book to see how things are going.

My start date is Monday, March 30. My question is, "Will a Vintage Diet Produce a Vintage Figure?"

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I have cleaned one room! I decided to start with the bathroom--it's the smallest LOL!

But, I did it. It makes me smile when I walk in and know that it is cleaned from top to bottom.

My next room will be my dining room. It's another easy one and I think it will feel good to have 1/3 of my apartment done.

Thanks for the motivation!


Roxanne said...

Great job, Andrea!

I do the same thing--I like to start out with the quick and easy things so I have some success to spur me on.

Anonymous said...

Roxanne, won't you please, please come to my house?

I need all of everything you've done plus it would be great if you lost some of my weight for me:)

I have an old cookbook from 1960 and some of their serving sizes seem so VERY SMALL compared to what I would serve today. Obviously we've been trained to eat more in the past few decades. LOL

When I was a little kid the Large sized drink at McDonald's was what is now the "medium" size. Whenever we were at McDonald's (not very often!) it was rare to see someone drinking the large (now medium) drink. Usually it was a hardworking man on his lunch break. Same situation with the fries. If we saw somebody with the large fry, we all cringed thinking "PIGGY". Gulp. How many times have I eaten the large fries?? Not telling:)



Roxanne said...

Trixie--Now, wouldn't that be cool! We could get someone ELSE to lose the weight for us! I'd sign up for that one for sure.

PORTIONS. Yes, portions are definitely bigger than ever before. What have we done to ourselves?

I am definitely not HUNGRY (real hunger) on the diet that I'm doing, but I am missing some of my favorite snacky things. All those extra calories have added up.

Discipline. One of the most important things we need yet one of the most ignored things!

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

OMG! I think I have this book! I found it in my mom's things after she died, and hung onto it because it was so cool and vintage. (My parents got married in 1955.)

Roxanne said...

IronGGMisty--I'm having a great time with it. Dig it out and try out a recipe and tell me what you think!

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