Apr 1, 2009

Just go with the flow

For all those who think I am capable of MORE than the normal woman, I will now produce proof that I am surely not.

Last week I didn't get to the spring cleaning of my office. I put it off until Monday. Oh, I had confidence that I could get to the office AND my bedroom in one day. Sure, it would be a little extra work but it was possible.

Monday came. My son's homeschool evaluation was coming up on Tuesday and I was NOT ready for it. I was going to do it on Sunday night but decided to watch a video with my husband instead.

On Monday, I had my regular housework, homeschooling, TWO spring cleaning rooms, and the gathering of the information to take to the evaluator. (We were traveling to her house an hour away and then staying to do some shopping.) I had also started a new diet (see HERE for how that's going!), and actually had to prepare three meals. I thought it would be wise to prepare Tuesday night's meal as much as I could since I would be gone all day.

Guess what got put off? Yes, the spring cleaning.

Tuesday I was gone ALL day. Tuesday night we had a lovely meal (see other blog for details). I cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed early. Notice that no spring cleaning got done on Tuesday.

It's Wednesday now. I've decided to "go with the flow" and readjust my spring clean plan. It's my plan, I can do that!

So, today I cleaned the upstairs bathroom and the adjoining hall and stairs. The bathroom took 53 minutes. Bathrooms take longer as it is, but we have white beadboard on which the shower steam has managed to stick every piece of dust, fuzz, and loose hair in the entire house. Well, it seemed that way. Here's a picture after I emptied out everything:

The hall and stairs were far easier. They took 11 minutes. We have a tiny linen closet (I use it mostly for toiletries) that my husband added. The tiny wall is the side of my son's closet. His closet was w i d e, but not very deep. My husband "borrowed" the space to the right of my son's door, built a wall, cut a hole in the hallway, and voila! A tiny, useful closet. Another one of my favorite spots in the house.

As I've told some of you, the ONLY reason I'm getting as much done as I am is because I'm blogging about it! That "accountability" helps to motivate me to stick to it rather than procrastinating.

That means it's really Y'ALL that are the ones making this happen for me! So,



Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted about this! I didn't want to admit that I hadn't done any more than the two rooms I had gotten to!

I may have to put off the third room until Monday, but I don't have to feel guilty--it WILL get done!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I still say you're a ball of fire!! In my eyes, you're doing great--and then some! :)

Roxanne said...

Andrea--that's what I told myself, too. Don't feel bad, just figure out how to get back on track without stressing about it.

Jeannie--Stop it! You are too funny. "Ball of Fire" would probably be the furthest description of the reality of who I am. "Plodding" would be more accurate. But, I plod along and eventually get things done. Whatever it takes!

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