Apr 2, 2009

Phase 2: Week 2--Our bedroom

Whew! Who put all those pieces of furniture in my room? Those babies are heavy! The dust bunnies tried to gather together to form a union but I prevailed.

I am SO glad that I'm doing this one room at a time (with breaks if needed). I helped a friend last Saturday do a "spring clean" on her 2000sf condo. She moved to a new house, so the rooms were all empty. Good thing. It took three of us 3 hours to do all of it. I was SO sore and am still feeling the effects. I think I pinched a nerve or something in my neck/shoulder area.

So that proves one should do break projects into small pieces. It's better for one's health!

Last night it was so nice to KNOW that the bathroom was clean as I stepped into the shower. Even my husband commented on it when he got his shower. It's like a way to pamper yourself!

Tomorrow I will be doing my son's room. He has toys. Lots of toys. Perhaps there will be FEWER toys as I move things around to clean. I've been working with him to let go of some items as his birthday is in less than two weeks.

I have definitely found things easier to clean since I decluttered first. MUCH easier. I highly recommend it.


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